anyone had laser on lip?

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Xxcitedwife Posts: 835
Hi girls, having awful trouble with lip hair for past few months- i cant figure out why-maybe since being pregnant but not sure. Im at my wits end and ive kinda decided im going for laser but would love feedback. Anyone else had it done on lip area?? bit anxious about having to leave it between the first few sessions-very anxious actually, thanks :wv
gemggem Posts: 270
Hiya Had laser on my lip and chin about three yrs ago, thought it was brilliant - I had alot of very dark hair on both areas, was using cream removers every nice which really wasn't great for my skin, since the laser I now wax lip and chin about 1-2 times a month and even then you wouldn't see anything its just the furry feeling I like to get rid of. Think IPL is a better type laser treatment than actual laser so might be something to look into too. Hope this is of use
Reesespieces Posts: 145
Hi, Ive had laser done on my lip.
Xxcitedwife Posts: 835
[quote="Reesespieces":mmedmtan]Hi, Ive had laser done on my lip, my under arms and my lower legs. Best money I ever spent on myself.Laser works really well if you have dark hair and fair skin. I had about four sessions on my lip and got rid of most of the hair. Like the previous poster, I get a fuzzy bit now on the lip and only have to shave it off about once a month. You can shave in between sessions. Go for it, my hair was so bad that shaving it only got rid of it for a few days and my skin was also allergic to waxing and most razors. My confidence after getting rid of the hair was so high and even now, I still love the fact that I shave my under arms about once every three months and never have to shave my legs![/quote:mmedmtan] god thats great! really positive! Iv dark hair and im not very dark skinned. Problem is ive always ended up with really bad spots after waxing and hair removal cream is awful on my skin. Iv been using this little disk thingy for past while-its only thing that seems to work but i feel my skin is becoming dark from it. DEF getting laser now :compress have the number to phone in the morning. thank you both for replying, fingers crossed it works. :hyper:
stick Posts: 1229
Yup I've had it done too, had it on my lip,chin,underarm,lower leg and bikini line. money well spent
Reesespieces Posts: 145
Hey Xcitedbride, you sound exactly the same as I was