anyone had low hcg level and had healthy preg?updated fri

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snuggler Posts: 1296
Hi, just wanted to see if any of you girls have had a low hcg level and gone on to have healthy preg? mine 46 at 4 weeks, only had one test, they not testing again til next wk Tks Hi [posted in ttc also I had app this morn, u/s showed sac and said GS 0.48cm GA 4w 2days from 1st day of las p i am 6 weeks today but doc said i week behind so should be 5 weeks but scan shows 4w 2days..confused and have to wait another 2 weeks, she didnt do bloods..any advice?
LMR Posts: 1925
AFAIK your HcG levels double evryday in early pregnancy so starting out with a relatively low level, especially if you're only just past when your AF would be normally, might not mean anything at all. Easier said than done, but try not to worry until you have to. You'll have a far better idea of what's going on when you test again next week
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
yea its all about how well it goes up within 48 hours, I take it you had a blood test as you know the exact number so are you having another one soon? good luck
byebye Posts: 599
I had low HCG levels and was monitored for a week and they rose as they should have.. (as someone mentioned, they double every two days)
09Dreams Posts: 260
Hi snuggler, I had a level of 400 at 5 weeks and they were worried that it was low, it was only showing weakly positive on hospital preg test and nothing showing on scan but it doubled in 48 hours so that's the important bit and once it hit 1000, you could see a dot on the scan. At that rate, yours should be about 400 at 5 weeks too. 46-> 92 at 4wks2days 92-> 184 at 4wks4days 184->368 at 4wks6days Don't worry it sounds fine just very early to be testing HCG. Best of luck *)
Moet for me Posts: 1841
yes I had I can't remember but they told me I had miscarried when I hadn't, hope it all works out for you too
snuggler Posts: 1296
updated post
byebye Posts: 599
Snuggler, at the start I got 3 different measurements.. like you one time it was like 6wks, then 5ws+4days, the 6wks +1day etc. Think it's hard to pinpoint an exact time that early..