Anyone have a buffet wedding reception?

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mumto2 Posts: 34
Has anyone had a buffet style wedding reception? Just curious as to what people think about these, i know its not exactly traditional but then nothing about my wedding actually is :o0 Im just having my family at the church then inviting everyone else (140 guests) to the hotel for about 5 o' clock. What would you think if you got a invite to a wedding like this, i guess im just worrying about it now. Also would you put on the invites thats its a buffet reception? Im just worried in case people are expecting a 4 course meal when they turn up the hotel. thanks
Rogue User Posts: 6101
I am having a BBQ so its kind of the same. No four courses anyway! We're serving the wedding cake as desert, along with some cakes from our local bakery - no starter, no soup or any of that. I think it's fine. I wrote on our invites it was a BBQ. But your guests won't be waiting around for hours while you get pictures taken so they won't be starving the way some people are at a wedding. A buffet is great - just be careful to have enough servers as the queues can get very long and that's when people start to get irritated.
Drummerswife Posts: 3497
I'm not having one but I have been to two and I thought it was great because you get to choose what u want on your plate. The main thing is to be confident that the hotel are competent in running a buffet for that many people - calling each table up separately prevents a big queue, making sure it's fully stocked constantly so the last people up are not left with the dregs. (the last table should have a buffet similar to the first table if u get me) The 2 I was at one was great the other ran out of food so all some people got was salad. As for how would I feel I wouldn't care once I got to celebrate your day with you. One of the buffets was similar - not invited to ceremony, I have to say it was a bit strange not seeing the couple get married but it wouldn't worry me. Wording if the invite you could try something like thi "mr &mrs mumto2 invite you to a buffet reception to celebrate their marriage" this explains that it's not for the ceremony and that it's a buffet. Hth.
Jawl Posts: 8881
I'm not having a buffet reception, but stop your worrying :) As a guest I would think this is a great idea. So don't be panicking. Although I would probably put 'buffet reception' on the invite so they are not starving themselves all day in anticipation of a 4/5 course meal.
Goldsmith Posts: 42
I was at a wedding last year where they had a buffet dinner. I thought it was great. The food was really delicious. They had two meat chocies plus veg and loads of different salads. Each table was individually called up so no large queues. Old and young seemed to really enjoy the food.
mumto2 Posts: 34
Thanks girls for all your replies. Yes im just nervous about it cos its getting so close now. My venue are serving salads, cold meats selection of turkey, ham and roast beef, selection of breads, and chicken curry. Do you think i should offer another choice of meat as in something else along with the chicken curry like beef bourginon??? or is the selection enuf as it stands?? I think i will def put on the invites thats it buffet just as you say people wont be starving themselves expecting a 4 course meal all day. Did any of the buffets you attended still put on evening food? Im thinking of not doing this because anyone i invite is coming to the buffet there is no evening guests do you think it would be necessary. I plan on having trays of sandwiches in the residents bar which i think will go down better. thanks
Rogue User Posts: 6101
If I were you I would probably get a vegetarian option - maybe a veg pasta bake? There doesn't seem to be much choice for those who don't eat meat - unless you are not having any veggies at your wedding of course! And I would make sure you have quite a lot of sandwiches in the residents bar if you are not having evening food - 6 o clock to half one in the morning is a very long time to go without food especially if you're drinking.
kazgal Posts: 70
Hiya! I've never been to a buffet wedding but I :lvs :lvs the idea! This is what I was going for origanlly...but then I chickened out! Your not by any chance having ur reception in a midlands hotel are you?? Your buffet sounds exactly like what we had booked. When I went back to them I said that I didnt know how the curry would go down as the hot dish so they agreed to take the turkey and ham off the cold platter and serve it as a hot dinner with all the trimmings! that way everyone would be happy!! It's only a suggestions but I think the buffet is a fab idea! The only reason we opted out of the buffet was because there was a better package if we went for the 5 course meal!! :wv
PussyGalore Posts: 3388
We're having a buffet! We're kicking off with cocktails and canapes after the legalities and then a 2 course buffet dinner: a vennison dish (the venue is a country house estate) and a (still undecided) vegetarian dish so people can have one or the other or both. We're having salads, nice breads and a dessert with the cake served with tea/coffee as evening food. We'll have about 70 in all I think. Our wedding is very informal, I designed the invitations myself and we've told people to expect "Buffet and a boogie" so hopefully nobody will be unpleasantly surprised on the day!
errigal08 Posts: 1302
ohh im so glad to hear that someone else is having a buffet dinner :o)ll im getting married in december and we are going to do a buffet im having mulled wine with short bread and mince pies to greet the guest's..nice and christmassy because its december and will be very cold out im having soup with the buffet,aswell as the two hot dishes+veg,salad chips,rice,salads etc and a selection of desserts i was going to do evening food but im having an evening wedding 4pm so people wont have started eating till 6.30-7ish and be finished eating at 8pm and the hotel said they would be serving the evening food at 11.30 thats just 3hrs after dinner,far to soon i think, so iv decided to just serve my cupcake wedding cake with tea/coffee at still not 100% tho,id hate for anybody to feel hungrey,i might just put on some sandwiches..if anybody has any thoughts on this will ye let me know for my invites iv put "followed by a buffet style dinner and party" O-O