Anyone have abnormal bleeding on Clomid?

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Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
Hi, I am on Month 3 of Clomid. Today is Day 22. I had no positive OPK this month so have not been taking Cyclogest. Today I had spotting this morning which has turned bright red this afternoon but now seems to be easing off. I am so confused. Has anyone else had abnormal mid-cycle bleeding on Clomid, and if so, what was the outcome/result? I have a review consultation with my gynae in a few weeks are there are a few issues I want to run by him - this is just ANOTHER one!!!! Aargh >:o( (I have also posted this in ttc)
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
Anyone? The bleeding got heavier and I am counting it as Day 1 so have started on Month 4 of clomid today. I did not ovulate this cycle. However, I did experience bleeding on the two previous cycles of clomid on/around Day 23 of a 30/31 day cycle on clomid (for Months 1 & 2). So confused with clomid. Think it is messing me up.