Anyone have experience of pet rabbit?

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Secondtime Posts: 320
Hi, Planning on getting a pet rabbit for kids but have no experience of rabbits? Anybody have any advice? Girl at work had one as a child and said not to do it so like to hear other opinions. Planning to keep outside in hutch with outdoor area. Welcome any advice / opinions! Thanks
Bluebellbride Posts: 610
What were her reasons for saying don't do it? We always had them when we were small and my nephew has one now...they are extremely easy to look after. I would say get a rabbit and a guinea pig or two rabbits that you are [u:7m7x51mz][color=#FF0000:7m7x51mz]guaranteed[/color:7m7x51mz][/u:7m7x51mz] are the same sex. If it gets snowy or very cold though you may need to have other arrangements to keep them warm (someone can correct me if I am wrong) but other than that I don't see why not. Kids love them :)
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
I was thinking about getting one, but I read somewhere (the DSPCA website I think?) that they aren't recommended for children under about 8 - the rabbit's skeleton is quite fragile and can easily be damaged by over enthusiastic little hands. I stopped researching at that point, but I want one some day!
Secondtime Posts: 320
Oh....mine are 4.5 and 2 year old twins. Don't want to hurt it! My nieces & a close friend are getting one from same litter so will be war if we don't. Do rabbits & Guinea pigs live happily together? Worried about it being lonely but would be scared about 'breeding like rabbits!!!' In cold conditions, we could move it to garage so wouldn't have heating but would be indoors. Would this be ok? We're on a farm so have loads of hay / straw. Just don't want in house. I think my colleagues may have been in house & been very smelly A
atina Posts: 2240
I had a rabbit for five years! I loved him, they're not great pets tho the poor things are so terrified! We couldnt keep him in a hutch just felt it was too cruel so ours roamed around our back garden and slept under the shed, we just left his hutch open all day and he popped in and out for food! We rarely picked him up or anything tho because it wasnt worth how nervous he got his eyes used to bulge and his heart used to race. The vet told us in general they are very nervy creatures! Also the cats used to be in after him tormenting him and chasing him!
Bluebellbride Posts: 610
Rabbits and guinea pigs definitely get along, I'm not sure if they know what they are, they prob think they are the same as each other. I would say go for it, get your rabbit from the litter and ask the ISPCA or somewhere similar if they have any guinea pigs, the younger the better. Rabbits and cats also do well together (kittens), though the cat would eventually get pi$$ed off if you had her in a cage!!
Rogue User Posts: 6101
My friend had one when we were kids and it was crap. They don't like to be lifted - they don't give affection, you can't interact with them in any way shape or form. Get a cat or a dog. They make the best pets.
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
We had two. The first wasn't suitable as a pet, eventually he ran away and we never found him. The second was a dote. He became really domesticated and would run it and out of the garden and kitchen. He was super cuddly and would lie on your feet and snuggle up to you. It wasn't that much work keeping him, he was quite a clean animal and would poop in one section of his run and one spot in the garden, and they clean themselves like cats so we never had to give baths. He was in a hutch at night with a large run attached, and on very cold nights we'd move just the hutch into the kitchen. We were all gutted when a fox got him one day. :o( :o( :o(
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
We had two rabbits as kids (Snowy & Blackie haha), loved how soft and cuddly they were but like Atina said they were nervy so it was a job to catch them for a cuddle and then they certainly didn't look happy! Also the hutch has to be cleaned out regularly, if the rabbit gets a run around the garden there will be rabbit "currants" i.e. poop around the place, small kids might pick up and *horror* eat.
Secondtime Posts: 320
Thanks so much for all the feedback ladies