Anyone have pics of plain iced cakes decorated with flowers?

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babybambino Posts: 940
I need some inspiration! Any help gladly appreciated
monkeybear Posts: 1926
[img:b7pov58x][/img:b7pov58x] [img:b7pov58x][/img:b7pov58x] [img:b7pov58x][/img:b7pov58x] We're going for a simple white iced cake with fresh flowers on it, i think they are just so beautiful done like this
babybambino Posts: 940
Thanks Monkeybear, we're doing the same and I need some ideas before we go to the florist, I love the second one
skull4 Posts: 17
I loved my cake. Not sure how to post the photo though so sorry if this doesn't work. [/url][/list][/code][/quote][/i]
skull4 Posts: 17
No haven't a clue how to post an image. Will try and PM it to you
skull4 Posts: 17
skull4 Posts: 17
outdoorgirl Posts: 610
Thanks for the photos moneybear, they were very helpful! I esp loved the pink and cream ones