Anyone have Quiz to work out daily WW Points?

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May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
Hi Im a ww member for a good few years now and i think im allowed 20 points per day but at the class talk last night the leader said about being 100% sure how many points we should be on so im wondering does anyone have the quiz on them there so that i can double check if im eating the correct points per day?
Neen Posts: 132
Questions are: Q1 Male - 9 Female -3 Q2 How old are you 16-20 - 5 21-35 - 4 36-50 - 3 51-65 - 2 Q3 how many stones do you weigh - ? Q4 How tall are you Under 5ft 4 - 1 5ft 4 or over - 2 Q5 In your main occupation are you: sitting down most of hte time - 0 occasionally sitting, mainly standing - 2 walking most of hte time - 4 Doning physically hard work most of the time - 6 Q6 Do you want to lose weight - 0 Maintain your current weight - 6 Add up to get total =
May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
Thanks Neen i was right i am allowed 20 points per day. Thats a relief was afraid there for a while that i may have been over or under eating.