anyone have real tiredness as an early pregnancy symptom?

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MrsMoojez Posts: 374
feeling exhausted today after a long nights sleep and was tired over the weekend too- I'm 7 DPO. I havent had any dip in temps and my temp has remained high- just praying for a BFP this month!!
MrsNoc05 Posts: 1823
Hi Nic - I had what you would call extreme exhaustion in the early stages - up to about 14 weeks and that was so tough !! I had noticed it as an early symptom very early on, and then I got a few dizzy ''turns'' also. Good Luck and hope this is your month MrsNoc
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Hi Nic - I'm not sure on this one as I remember sleeping for Ireland on our honeymoon but I don't know if that was just from all the hype of the wedding or the fact that I had just conceived!! Tiredness definately seems to be the most common symptom of early pregnancy so fingers crossed!! Best of luck!!
MrsMoojez Posts: 374
exhausted today- 7 DPO. i'm praying that this will be our month. Very tempted to start testing from Wednesday (9DPO)- do you think i should hold out until Thursday or Friday?
Lady Di Posts: 2487
I'm not good on this TBH as I don't have regular cycles unfortunately!! I think you're meant to wait until your AF is due though?? I know I was a disastor doing tests as I was just doing them all the time - think I had an addiction!!
so_clear Posts: 397
If you can hold out til AF due date maybe you'll get a stronger / more reliable result? It'd also help you to try and put it out of your mind so you're not constantly testing and driving yourself nuts. The best of luck - hope you do get your BFP this month!! :thnk
Corks Posts: 355
Hi Nic - for a few days before I got my BFP I was absolutely exhausted and for a few days after.............but I got over it. When doc confirmed it he asked what symptoms I had, when I told him how tired I was he said sometimes exhaustion can show before a BFP even arrives! So you'd never know. Like the others said, I would hold off until Saturday or Sunday if you can, save on any unnecessary disppointment.. Good Luck!
MrsMoojez Posts: 374
thanks a mill. AF due in 6 days but i wont be able to hold out til then! I'll wait until Friday night maybe :) Dont want to end up being a POAS addict!