Anyone have successfu pregnancies with really light periods?

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lovethesite Posts: 1054
mine are non existent :-( just really want some HOPE :)
libramoon Posts: 2402
Lovethesite, Have you talked to your doc about it? Maybe its worth having a d&c to clear out your womb or even a laporoscapy to see if anything is causing your light periods? My af was light (1 heavy/medium day and 3 very light days) and after my lap it went back to how it was when i was a teenager (i had endo which was removed). Some women do have light af for no reason and can get preg with no issues.
bumble Posts: 1980
Yes! Have u looked into why periods light/absent? For me issue was getting me to ovulate so I could get pg. The rest of it and pregnancy was plain sailing. Hth.
PetiteFeet Posts: 506
I've always had very light periods. Can be anything from 12hours to 3 days and that's it. Would only get cramps every few months or so. I've not had any problems, incredibly lucky to get pregnant first time on both pregnancies and thank god no other problems! So lucky! So there's a positive story for you! I think my light periods are caused by my weight. I am very small person, less than 5ft and weight about 6 1/2 stone. Do you have any suspicions as to why you might have light periods??