Anyone have the Kinect "Your Shape Fitness Evolved"?

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im waiting Posts: 2727
H2B got it for me for Xmas. What do you think of it? I started the Personal training today. It is quite good if I keep at it but jeez you work up a sweat fairly easily. I have 2.5 months until our Wedding so I have to shape up as quick as possible. I need to lose about half a stone to a stone and tone up lots O:| :weep Anyone else enjoying it or have any feedback on it? :thnk :wv
Xxcitedwife Posts: 835
only saw this now im waiting, how you getting on?i think its brilliant. Ive been using it loads and watching what im eatin and have lost 6lb in 10 days, iv about 16lb to lose by may. i love it, the fact that you can do 20 mins here and there really handy!
im waiting Posts: 2727
Yeh it's great! I haven't got to use it much in the last week, it's Hard to find the time with 2 smallies ( as you know yourself ) but I'll be attacking it tomorrow for sure!.......... I'm after polishing off a big bar of chocolate! O:| But ive definetly lost some weight! I notice my tummy is a little tighter think my legs and bum are more toned too! But I got to keep going - 9 weeks left :o)ll I want to look good in that bikini!!!!! I found a great app on the iPhone/iPod. I think it's called "abs workout". You spend one minute on each exercise, their might be about 9 different exercises to do ( haven't done the whole thing yet- my belly is sore after 3 minutes) but it's absolutely brilliant. I swear by it!