anyone have the Soulmastersa band for their wedding recently

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chocolate lover Posts: 521
I have them booked,jus wondering if anyone had recent updated reviews on them? Did they get the crowd going?
loulou2014 Posts: 32
Hey, first time poster here, wanted to give my 2 cents. Am torn between soul masters and papa zitas (also Cork band). OH seems to think Papa Zitas have a lot more energy but we have yet to see them at a wedding. Our crowd is very young (mid 20s to 40s) as we don't have big families. Went to see Soul masters in Mallow recently and found them a wee bit conservative... Love the style of the younger band but don't know would Soul masters be a more concrete and safe bet!!?? Have u seen any other soul bands chocolatelover? :lvs :lvs :lvs
chocolate lover Posts: 521
I haven't seen any other soul bands,but did originally try and book soul purpose,based in Dublin but will travel at a cost! We didn't go with them in the end as they were much more expensive than soul masters!