Anyone having a baby shower?

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Finallymum Posts: 485
Hi all Just wondering what people think of baby showers, if anyone is having one etc. I've heard of a few people lately having them, so it must be a new thing - a bit too American for me, I don't like the idea of having people buy you presents before the baby is born and having a big celebration before your even due!! Do people then have to buy you something when the baby is born too and then again for the christening??? FinallyTTC
Sphynx Posts: 6795
I've never heard of anyone having them. I'd love to have all my friends round for a girlie evening but personally I wouldn't want any gifts at all before the birth. Won't be having one tho as I'm lucky if my friends ask me how I am this time around :o0 I think normally they would be organised for you by your best friend or sister or whatever rather than you throwing one yourself but I haven't heard of them here.
Finished here Posts: 2860
I threw one for a friend of mine about four years ago and we had a lovely time we did all buy pressies for her - mostly the essentials she needed for before babs was born and we had a list so we wouldn't duplicate, no one had to spend much and when babs was born we spent as much as we liked on a little gift. It was a really fun day and we made lots of alchoholic and lots of non alcoholic drinks and had loads of food and she really enjoyed being spoiled and having all her girlfriends around her in the weeks before the baby arrived. It was a lovely fun and special occasion :lvs
Toni Baloney Posts: 544
Hi. Definately wont be having one. I think people have enough to be spending money on without added pressure... Having the girls over for a DVD and popcorn would be nice but adding the 'baby shower' tag is asking for presents really... Just my opinion, each to their own.
NewMom1 Posts: 1252
i agree with Toni Baloney, i am very anti the whole baby shower thing tbh, people have enough to be spending on. If people call with pressies for baba after the event that is fine and will be graciously received but I will not set up an occasion for it. I know a couple of my friends were planning something but i had to say to them i really didnt want it, apart from expense I am not willing to celebrate an event that hasn't happened yet. We can formally celebrate at the christening or something.... Sorry just my opinion.
milis Posts: 7998
I agree toni, it would be lovely to have the girls around, but I wouldn't like to get presents at that stage!