Anyone having an elective c section and why??

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soup Posts: 37
Hi Just wondering are many of you having an elective c section and what your reasons are for this? I am considering an elective c section and have my reasons - mainly cuz I am so terrified of the thought of natural birth - have spoken to my midwife on this and she is supporting whatever decision I make. I know all the advantages / disadvantages of section and natural delivery.....I am so terrified of natural labour, I blame it on the fact that I heard too many horror stories when I was younger on labour.. If you are having an elective c section will you be telling people you are having this? Its just I am a bit parranoid that people will think I'm a wimp/failure if I just say I'm having an elective c section - I know I shouldn't worry about what others think but I can't help but think they'll say "too posh to push" etc or should I just not worry about others? When and if you tell people you are having an elective c section, will they ask me WHY? and if so what should I say?? IF I do go for an elective c section I was considering NOT telling anyone and then letting on that I had to have one - gosh how parranoid am I?!!! My husband is going to support whatever decision I make, he knows how terrified I am of natural birth... your comments would be appreciated thanks in advance :thnk
Idina Posts: 1289
I didn't realise you could have an elective c section in Ireland
Christmas B Posts: 6191
[quote:2xg1sjoh]I am so terrified of natural labour, I blame it on the fact that I heard too many horror stories when I was younger on labour.. [/quote:2xg1sjoh] [color=indigo:2xg1sjoh]So am I, I'm so scared!! You always hear the horror stories and not the nice ones!! >:o( It's totally your own decision chick and don't ever give a rats rear end of what other people think because of your own actions. I'd be more afraid of being up on that threatre table TBH then giving birth naturally, and I'm totally so scared about doing it naturally anyway, so I'm screwed either way!! :o0 If you think your friends / family might make comments on your decision and if you don't think you'd be able to handle the whispers then say nothing until it happens and just say last minute things due to complications!! Good luck in your decision!![/color:2xg1sjoh]
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
I didnt think you could have one in Ireland either. A girl i know had one here because he first baby was brain damaged giving birth naturally so they were allowed one the second time. Personally im against them, bear in mind this is a major operation and will take 6 weeks to recover from, a natural birth will be easier on your body. Also with a section the baby isnt subjected to contractions, contractions push the fluid out of a baby's lungs to prepare them for breathing and this will affect the baby for a short time afterwards. However its your decision so if its what you want then go for it. Like CB said if you dont think you can handle others opinions on it (and they will hae them :o0 ) then id keep quiet about it. Would you consider something like hypnobirthing classes to help you get over the fear?
twinssep Posts: 1242
didnt think u could have them here either any way it s up to u but in my opinion i prefer natural i had an emergency section and i can honestly say i preferred natural the recovery after a section is not nice ur doped up on morphine for the first 12 hours of ur babas life im not saying natural is easy peasy but on my first dd giving birth to her was amazing i felt i missed out on the twins that i woke up and there were to babas there obviously for medical reasons it was th right thing to do i just hope this time i can go naturual oh dont get me wrong when i say natural i did have gas an air pethidine and an epidural on dd!!!!!!! sorry for this being so long
charli Posts: 5994
i didnt know you could elect either i do know someone that had a very traumatic time first time around, with lots of stitches etc so consultant allowed this but as a rule i didnt think you could because you were scared i know about the horror stories, and many people do have a very difficult time - but have to say its the kinda pain that your body WILL cope with, for me labour wasnt as bad as i had imagined - yes i too had heard fierce horror stories im not trying to talk you out of it but just remind you that the natural way would be so much better for your body i bought a book first time around called "the birth book" cant think of the author but can check at home and really reading it would make you feel "if they can do it, i can" - its not all mother earth stories of easy, pain relief free births - its real stories from real women and worth a read if you are dreading the birth finally, its your body and if your care givers are happy to book you for c-section i wouldnt pass an apology to anyone
Mrs Lucy06 Posts: 929
I think you just need to decide whats best for you & baby. At the end of the day if its too traumatic for you there isnt much point putting yourself through labour. I was at the hosp the other day not at mat dept & the doc says oh breech baby, c-section I was like what? I nearly fell off the bed since saw the midwife and she said im only 33wks still plenty of time for babs to change. I am scared stiff of labour & scared of a c-section! :-8 Good Luck whatever you decide!!! lucy
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
to be honest hun its totally your decision dont let anyone else tell you otherwise, its differernt for everyone just remember that, i have a heart condition that will probably require a c-section i would rather have a natural birth TBH, best of luck with whatever you decide
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Charli - was the "The better birth book - taking the fear and mystery out of childbirth" by Tracey Donegan, i love that book, would recommend it to everyone (and i do :-8 )
charli Posts: 5994
no it was called [b:2ra99anl]the birth book [/b:2ra99anl]:o0 -ill check the author tonight, it was like a collection of all stories told me different women of different birth stories - i thought it was a good read