anyone having Pronovias Long Cathedral

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caramel10 Posts: 249
Veil, mine is sooooo long i am afraid i fall LOL
Burnham Posts: 153
The long veils are beautfiul. Just be careful of it catching on something. I was at a wedding where the bride's veil caught on one of the pews as she was walking down the aisle. It didn't rip. Instead it snapped her head back and she had to back track to untangle it. I'd advise to have your bridesmaids on high alert for any potential tangles. Then that problem would be avoided. All the best.
GANDT2010 Posts: 43
Practice walking , turning and kneeling with it on is what Ill be doing! I was at a wedding too where the bridemaid stood on the veil as the bride was walking down thw aisle and yankied it off her head, Her hair got all messed up but she soldiered on! Id say she was less than impressed though. So warn your chief BM and Best man to stand well behind you both walking down!