Anyone hear of a Doppler Flow procedure? Used for IUGR.

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Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Doppler flow Another way to interpret and diagnose IUGR during pregnancy is Doppler flow, which use sound waves to measure blood flow. The sound of moving blood produces wave-forms that reflect the speed and amount of the blood as it moves through a blood vessel. Blood vessels in the fetal brain and the umbilical cord blood flow can be checked with Doppler flow studies. I never heard of it before. I have asked my consultant about checking the blood flow in a cord and he says it's not possible but if I'm reading the above correctly then it is possible to measure blood flow in a foetus. DD2 didn't suffer from IUGR, they found a blood clot in the cord and think that's what might have caused her death. Which is why I'm determind to find a way of monitoring foetus blood flow in this pregnancy.
beatingmyselfintoadress Posts: 2387
Hi RQ - our DS had 2 very big knots in his umbilical cord which could have caused major problems but thankfully didnt. When we had a private scan in Ultrasound Dimensions the woman doing the scan listened for the blood flow in the umbilical cord and placenta. I remember her saying that you could pick out potential problems from the sound of it. However, we didnt discover all the knots until DS was born so either it wasn't helpful or the knots weren't formed at that time. The impression I got though is that this was a technique that could be used to analyze the cord in more detail if needed. Is this the same as what you are talking about or is it something else that is a lot more specific?
avril his wife Posts: 713
Yes, I had it done at least once a week week from IUGR being diagnosed, at 31 weeks to induction at 36 weeks. It is just a type of ultrasound scan really, they used to show me the results on the screen. I was told that if the results were not good, I'd have a section straight away. We were very lucky.
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Thank you so much, Avril I replied to your PM before seeing this reply. BMIAD that sounds like the same thing I'm talking about. I've never heard of doppler flow before I posted this topic. I found it online while looking for something else. I will definitely be speaking to my consultant about this.
beatingmyselfintoadress Posts: 2387
Definitely RQ, sounds like it would be hugely beneficial to you. I hope you can get it organised, let us know!
Dreamster Posts: 6620
I had this done also when pg and again, it was just like a scan except they were listening to the blood flow..... There is a featal assessment unit in CUMH which I attended regularly as issues became apparant and I had growth scans every 2 weeks and the check for blood flow into the placenta.
Butttons Posts: 812
Hi RQ, my ds had iugr, it was suspected from 24 weeks. i had scans every 2 weeks from then on.They always checked the bloodflow in the cord as part of the scan. I was in the rotunda - thats where you are right?
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
I had this done every few days while I was in hospital waiting for my dd to be delivered (IUGR). I also had these test called Biological physical profiles (bpp's) which is something like an a aphgar scale that's used on newborns but it's done in the womb You're so brave, I think about you lots, my best friend who was pg with me lost her little girl too last year so I know the devestation it causes, she also got pregnant pretty soon after and had a little boy a couple of months ago, she had problems on the 2nd pregnancy but not realated to what happened to her little girl