anyone heard of this buggy....

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totalnovice Posts: 787
Just saw this buggy online and like the look of it - anyone ever heard or used it: Jané Slalom Pro Matrix Cup Travel System
babybrain Posts: 592
We looked at this one - it's gotten great reviews. In the end we decided against it as the carseat part is extremely heavy and the buggy itself was a little bigger than we wanted. We live in a duplex up steps so we'd have to drag it up and down and it was just too heavy for us. Having said that, the reviews all said how helpful the matrix carseat was in that you can lie the baby flat. You're only supposed to have a baby in a carseat for a maximum of 2 hours a day as it's bad for their backs, but with this, you can lie them flat and use carseat as pram. That's one big bonus. You would definitely want to go and look at it in person and judge it for yourself as if you won't be lugging it in and out of your car a lot, and will be walking country roads, it could be perfect for you. depends on what you're looking for. hope that helps :wv