anyone heard of this buggy....

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totalnovice Posts: 787
Thought i had decided on the Quinny Buzz but just looking and found this one called Out N About Nippabout. Anyone heard it or better yet bought it? The Maxi Cosi Carseat clips on to it, it has the carrycot and Buggy. Works out €570 for buggy, carrycot, car seat & isofix base. Thats €200 less then the Quinny Buzz set, only problem is they arent stocked in Ireland from what I can see so would be buying without seeing. Great reviews on it though.
Jeidi Posts: 3128
Can't say I ever heard of it bit it is cute!
totalnovice Posts: 787
Yeah i think it looks very cute and its meant to be fairly light, which is great for getting in and out of the car. Dont know whether to stick to the Quinny Buzz or go with this one! Decisions decisions!
twinklegirl Posts: 716
this one looks brillant , I am thinking of going for it .Are sure maxicosi seat fits in ?I was looking at the nipper out and about today but this one looks better its obviously the more uptodate model.I wonder what it is like to order from this crowd?
fraggle rocker Posts: 1426
I had a post on kiddicare the other day and most seem very happy with this company. Try find the buggy cheaper elsewhere and email kiddicare they match the price.
twinklegirl Posts: 716
Thats good to know thanks omg is so confusing with the choice out there .I am going off my head with buggy and prams :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0.I really like this brand today when I was out shopping.
totalnovice Posts: 787
Twinklegirl where did you see the brand? Would love to see them in person before ordering. As last poster said Kiddicare have very good reports for ordering from. I am worried as it is so much lighter then Quinny Buzz will it fall apart??
twinklegirl Posts: 716
I am in waterford and I saw the older model today its the out n about nipper 360 single.It was soooooooooo nice and very very lightweight.The maxicosi does not clip into this model that is a definite.Its 300 euro here. The one you saw is the more recent model I guess and I just read there that you need clips or something for the maxi cosi seat to work.It seams really nice aswell .
fabcards Posts: 541
looks nice...we went for first wheels which is similar but has smaller wheels to the front and the maxi cosi car seat also fits into it...