Anyone here uses menstrual cups?

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Baby Babs Posts: 2596
I just got mine yesterday just in time for AF. I bought femmecup and so far I don't see myself going back to tampons and pads. They are great. I'll save a fortune and it is so much more convenient than carrying around a whole array of supplies to suit my flow. Any other users here? Mooncup or other cups?
rubies Posts: 1375
What the hell? I also found your avator a bit off putting when I read your post. Are they not fierce messy? I don't think I'd be able to swap from tampons.
frillynickers Posts: 1765
Dont like the idea of them at all, I would imagine its a bit messy.
Baby Babs Posts: 2596
:-8 About my avatar. There is a potential for mess of course. Inserting it is no more messy than non-application tampons. Removing them is of course there concern for spillage but just be careful, you'll get use to it really quick. It is really easy to clean. My flow actually seems cleaner and less old as it not drying up in the tampon or pads. Less odour too. It's my first time using but I see the benefits already and I'm prepared for the learning curve, just like the first timing using tampons. There is less waste for bins so a lot less messier from that side. Actually reminds me of having to change tampons in public toilets and trying to get it into to bin without touching it or trying not to see the contents of it. I think a cup will make it lot easier and reduce the need to use public toilets as you can go longer before emptying and nothing to throw into bins. I find I can't use tampons any more as my flow has gotten lighter and tampons just dry you out and can be sore if left in too long. So at night the cup is much more comfortable than big pads. Tampons you should change every regularly 4 to 6 hours. With cups, you only have to change every 8 to 12 hours and you don't have to carry around supplies. Also with cups you safely insert it when you expect AF unlike tampons. Tampons leave bits of fibres behind, and there is a TSS risk as well. And that's just a few of the benefits so far.
MrsWhippy09 Posts: 2346
TBH I never even heard of them until your post but after googling them, they wouldn't appeal to me at all. Too messy and awkward IMO.
Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
Don't knock 'em 'till you've tried 'em! I've used to the mooncup for about 2 years now, and would never go back. My cramps are lighter now, and I put it down to not using tampons anymore (how that works, I don't know, but it happened straight away as soon as I changed).
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Baby Babs Posts: 2596
I never heard of them until last month. I was looking at some TTC related forums and they were raving about these products. I was wondering if anyone here has experience too and raise awareness of it to the general female population.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I can't bring myself to use tampons other than when in the shower so don't think these would be for me!! They give me the shivers thinking about them!!!! :o0 :o0 :o0
Baby Babs Posts: 2596
yeah, I knew there had to be someone!! yeah Tiger! I would admit to being put off by it before but for 15 euro to 30 euro, it is relatively low cost to try it out and huge benefit gain. They last 5 to 10 years. I haven't even my cup in 24 hours and I'm glad I did try it and got over the 'yuck' factor. It's really not that bad. I find pads now way more yuckier now.
quartz Posts: 446
[quote="ohsotired":276aff8f]I can't bring myself to use tampons other than when in the shower so don't think these would be for me!! They give me the shivers thinking about them!!!! :o0 :o0 :o0[/quote:276aff8f] ?????? You use a tampon when you shower?????