Anyone know a number for Polish bands in Ireland

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sussi Posts: 65
Couldn't figure out which topic to put this under so i am trying this one first. Does anyone know where I will find a Polish band in Ireland. Have been searching the net but cannot find a single phone number for one. There are so many living in Ireland now and so many Polish pubs that i expected there to be one or two bands floating around but no sign of them. O:| My fiance is polish and i would really like to have a Polish band playing some traditional polish music on arrival at our wedding reception. Anyone spot one playing in a pub somewhere, or know who I could contact to find one?
racheld Posts: 77
[b:1q1uy8uv][color=indigo:1q1uy8uv]I have been looking all over too, my fiance is also polish but living in states he's not that pushed so its more for his family than anything else, but looks like we will have a band then a dj and give him polish c.d's if I find one i will let you know and visa versa. I wonder would the Polish bar Charlies know of any bands Good luck with the search. Rachel[/color:1q1uy8uv][/b:1q1uy8uv]
sussi Posts: 65
I just came across a Polish church in Dublin who have a Polish choir. I am now thinking that a Polish choir in the church for the wedding ceremony and then maybe at the arrival of the venue could be lovely. I have a number for the Polish priest of the church so I will get my fiance to give him a ring this weekend and see if he can give us a contact number for someone in the choir. He can ring them and ask if they would do it and for how much etc..... Ill let you know what they say and give you the number if your interested. Let me know if you find anything.
Valkstar Posts: 2747
My h2b works with a load of Polish lads....he'll ask around tomorrow for you *)
racheld Posts: 77
That would be great thanks amil. And thanks Volkstar