anyone know about computers/i pods?

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*Lexi* Posts: 2600
help needed :wv downloaded i tunes to my computer and have all my song list ready to put on my i pod....the register now/later set up screen comes up with the option to press a button 'register later' on the left hand side but the button with 'register now' on itis on the right hand side but i cant move the screen along in order to press it. i have tried moving the horizantal positioning and sizing on my computer as well as the vertical but no luck its like its 'around the corner' on my sorry if this makes no sense at all but hopefully someone will know what to do. is there another way of registering an i pod?thanks to anyone that can help in any way
*Lexi* Posts: 2600
anyone?? :-8
mrdvd Posts: 649
I run several macs and have iPods- have not heard of this problem. Are you on a PC or Mac? There are a few options; You can change your display settings in your system preferences. Changing your resolution can cause items to appear smaller and therefor all of the window (that's spilling over) will fit. If the button you want to press is a default button then hitting the return key may activate it You can reduce the size of your window by grabbing the bottom right corner and moving it diagonally- the button you want may then be accessible. I don't know what computer you are using- but on a mac- if there is a green button on the top left hand side of the window you are having problems- press it- this will resize your window to fit your screen If this does not help- get back to me Martin
*Lexi* Posts: 2600
thanks :thnk tried to do all that stuff already and no luck at all im cracking up :o0 its an ordinary computer monitor