Anyone know anything about Firepoise?

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looey Posts: 624
Just did a bit of a search and was thinking this might be nice instead of Irish dancers or whatever of Interval! Know anyone who does something like this? As far as I know it is like Juggeling with flaming baton type things! H2B loves that sory of thing, thought it might be nice and different!
bangel Posts: 2285
This may be of interest to you Looey, based in Sligo. MAke sure to check it with the hotel first.
looey Posts: 624
Thanks for that Bangal, that is wonderful! Will look into that now! You are great!
ooddles1 Posts: 273
ok did alot of research for this kind of stuff for my wedding and are one of the best but pricey, also very helpful and also i found a poi dancer on too! defo check with venue as there are a ton of regulations both venue and entertainer,from ceiling clearence,to fire hazard etc.....