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happycamper78 Posts: 46
anyone know when the earliest is they will give epidural in seriously terrified about the pain of labour and want it as soon as i go in...have no threshold for a big baby!!!
theoracle Posts: 7664
You will not be even considered to be in active labour until you are 3cm dilated. After that you may request an epidural, but it may take a while till the anesthetist is available etc. Perhaps you should discuss your concerns with your obs-con and formulate a birth plan so that the midwifes know your preferences.
jill80 Posts: 565
You can get the pethadene early on at 2 or 3cm dilated for mild pain relief, especially if you go in during the night as it helps you relax and sleep, to get ready for the next day. BUT there are drawbacks - cant get out of bed for four hours after and can make you woozy. On the plus it takes the edge off (no waiting for anesthetist)and as you dilate more you can request the epidural then. As was already said best to discuss this in advance at your check-ups.