Anyone know where this dress is from??

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pallygal Posts: 267
Hi Ladies I follow a page on facebook called fashion uk. They post up some lovely stuff but I never know where I can buy the clothes. Do any of you recognise this dress. I think its fab. I'm posting the link to the facebook page as can't upload photo. Thanks in advance :)
Bluebellbride Posts: 610
Can you contact the admin of the Facebook page? I hate when they do that, what's the point in advertising if we aren't told where to get them?!
pallygal Posts: 267
I know it wrecks my head. It says you can buy their clothes on their website but the clothes aren't to be found on the website!!
MrsRichardson2b Posts: 31
There is a label if u could somehow zoom in
Jane Smith Posts: 3158
I'm not 100% sure if it's the same dress or not as the one on the Facebook page appears to have a pencil shape skirt whereas Holly's is flared. The cut across the capped sleeves and shoulders is definitely the same though. Holly's is apparently from Wallis but from 2012. Are the items on the Facebook page current??