Anyone lie about dates for matetnity leave?

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Mrsdm Posts: 1136
Girls just downloaded the MB10 form. A few girls in work have said their due date is a week to even 2 weeks after it is so they could work right up to due date. Part of me is thinking that if I go over I could have 3-3.5 weeks of maternity leave gone by the time baby arrives, then again, dont know how I will be feeling at that stage of pregnancy. For those of you who did lie about dates was it the GP or hospital who did it and did they mind? Also wondering, if I lie about my dates and am signed off sick (there is a possibility as my back is already very bad) what will happen, will doctor still give me cert for work or not.
Ilovetoast Posts: 2267
Well dates change all the time so is it really a lie? :o0 It shouldnt matter if you get signed off early it wont have your due date on the cert will it????
happymonkey Posts: 555
Hi Mrsdm, To be honest, I didn't lie about my dates although everyone in work seems to. I can't lie, and would have got mixed up in my dates, telling who what and when (as it turns out I'll probably be getting section at 39wks so it would have ended up looking suspect anyway). Maybe when my maternity leave finishes up, I'll regret that I don't have those extra few weeks, but right now (after an uncomfortable, sleepless night) I have to say I feel I need the time now. When I did leave work I was totally bushwacked. I need those 2 weeks so badly and if I had my time again I would probably get a cert for a week earlier still. So if you are changing your dates (I think it's your gp who does it) you still will probably need a few weeks off before arrival of baby (get sick cert). When I hear colleagues finishing on the Friday and having baby on the Monday, it sends a shiver down my spine. Best of luck.
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
I didn't lie either and I went a week early so bare that in mind as not everyone goes over on their first :wv
lush11 Posts: 2877
I didint lie. Everyone has asked me lately did i fiddle with the dates and i nearly feel like im lying when i say no. I just didnt know what to say to doctor when i got him to fill out the forms. I didnt want to say 'actually you wouldnt just fiddle the dates for me there'. Looking back i probably should have cos i would have gotten Xmas off on ML, still not too bad cos ill be taking leave for xmas. A lot of people say that you need those few weeks before baby is due to relax and all that so do whatever you want. I dont see a problem either way.
ontheway Posts: 432
I did put my date forward by about 2 weeks, but then I got my summer hols on Fri! I didnt want to have my maternity leave used up on holidays in August when I will be off anyway, and I can only get 6 weeks of hols back at the other end so would end up losing those two weeks. My doc knows that I am a teacher and knew that I would be off anyway so its not that I will be on my feet till my real due date. [quote="Mrsdm":10nql93m]. Part of me is thinking that if I go over I could have 3-3.5 weeks of maternity leave gone by the time baby arrives, then again, dont know how I will be feeling at that stage of pregnancy. [/quote:10nql93m] I know of lots of women who did it for this reason.
Daff Posts: 11644
God I needed those two weeks before DD got here. There was no way I could've worked but turned out I was signed off anyway with sciatica. So glad cause labour is exhausting and then all the sleepless nights etc. YOu really do need to be as rested as possible. DD went on EDD too. This time I'm a full time Mum to a 16 month old so no time off :o( no chance to relax and catch up on rest and will be back working straight away :weep
milinda Posts: 785
I lied by a week about my dates, My mum had 5 of us was 10 days ate for us all. So I thought I'd be over. I finished work on the Friday, was admitted with high bp on the following Monday, went into labour on the Tuesday and Ds was eventually born by emergency c-section on the Wednesday. I really had no rest at all before he was born. Everyone else at work had lied about there dates and most of them lied by the full 2 weeks.
oldlangsayne Posts: 448
Yep I lied as well, am off anyway so didnt see point of wasting valuable time on the other side. Put it out by 2 weeks!
Sydney Bristow Posts: 185
I wouldn't see any problem with lying if you actually intend to work those weeks. I would find it very hard to tell a doctor that I feel I could work longer, and then go back and ask him for a sick cert for the same weeks.