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The Wife! Posts: 384
Davina's power of 3 DVD. I was thinking of buying it today cause i really don't have time to go to gym and i think i would do it if i was at home. All information would be appreciated. I would like to tone up and loose 5-7 pounds (fast)
The Wife! Posts: 384
Bump. >:o) IS IT WORTH BUYING???????? thanks. O:o)
april09babs Posts: 926
I bought it on ebay and it arrived on monday. I did it from start to finish Monday night. It is now wednesday evening and I'm still in agony. I can't go from sitting to standing or vice versa without leaning on something or having to drag myself up. Bum and thighs and groins have just ceased up. And i wouldn't mind but I consider myself very fit. As for loosing weight I'd say it will definitely make a difference, but god know's when I;ll be able to do it again
lucylocket Posts: 300
Hi i bought it last week and couldn't move after it so i think it will working, when i do it again (hopefully tomorrow night if i can move), however I wouldn't do the three together first time (big mistake) I'd do one session a night (3 nights) to build up fitness levels and then go for all three.
AnyHopeLeft Posts: 310
HI Jude25, I did a post on this DVD last week. I was ranting and raving about how good it was. I bought it 2 weeks ago and have been doing it every second/third night. You will be walking like John Wayne for about 2 days after doing it cause they do a lot of squatting excersises but I have to say I find it really enjoyable. Also if you don't feel like doing it all you can do 1 section of it. They also concentrate on fat burning and they encorporate 4 fat burning workouts in each section which is good. I find myself lying on the floor after the sit ups and I start to get lazy and the next minute they're saying 'right up now for another fat burning session'. You really are going throughout but it is doable. I can recomend it. As for losing weight, I'll have to 'weight' and see. Early days yet but hopfully getting there. Good luck.!!
AnyHopeLeft Posts: 310
How're you getting on with the DVD girls? How are you finding it?