Anyone lose mu*ous Plug very early?

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wexfordbell Posts: 1065
Hi Girls, Apologies for this first before i start. Went to loo this morning and i had a very very heavy discharge in the loo. Could feel it when i got up like a leak. Not really sure though!!!!! Is it possible to lose it at 31/32 weeks.
goingmad Posts: 657
Hey hun, to be on the save side I would ring your GP, are yuo having any discharge since?
jen2007 Posts: 218
i started to lose mine at 34 wks got the fright of my life went to toilet and had discharge with a lot of blood at this stage i didn't know it was my plug we went to hospital straight away they gave me steroid injections for Bab's in case he came early they done scans and tests and all was fine was kept in for a night . week later same thing happened except a lot more so rang hospital kept a sample of it as they asked me to do they done an internal and found out i was 1cm dilated they kept me in again for a night and told me i could go into labour any time or could just go around my due date i went into labour at 37 wks all was fine point is they said you could lose your mucus plug all at once or bit by bit as i did everyone is different i would go to your doctor get it checked put your mind at rest good luck in your pregnancy
annabella Posts: 190
ok hadn't relaly thought about this yet, i've had a lot of discharge throughout but it has increased over the last few weeks. is the mucous plug a bloody discharge like a 'show'??? just wondering what to look out for
Bun in Oven Posts: 241
From what I remember of my mucous plug it was unmistakeably a large, well-formed piece of mucous. Mine was not bloody, but it seems they can be: [url:1cvr3rr1][/url:1cvr3rr1] Apologies for TMI!
sinion Posts: 6050
Mucous plug is exactly what it sounds like, it's quite thick and sticky and not like normal discharge, it will come in kind of solid lumps