anyone lose their appetite???

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cookiemad Posts: 917
hey,im 35 wks gone and hubby just lost his cool wit me,but not in a bad way.the poor thing is starving and he was calling out a list of things to eat or going out to get something to eat,but to be honest i have no interest in food.he is just gone out to make himself a sandwhich now and even though i know im hungry im not.does that make any sense??anyone else the same??i have been like this for the last 2/3 weeks.thanks :wv
lisa Posts: 1612
That is fairly common in the last few weeks as space is so tight, your stomach is getting squashed. Once you are eating, try keep it healthy and you will be fine.
problemchild Posts: 196
I was like this all the way through my pregnancy. Just couldn't think of anything I'd love to eat. Anyway it turns out that our LO doesn't have much of an appetite either. It could be an explanation to yours.
BabyBeansMommy Posts: 8
I havent felt hungry in the past few weeks and am only eating because i feel i should. At 14 weeks is this normal.....I have read that it is normal towards the end. Kinda worried!!!! Any advise?
cookiemad Posts: 917
hi ya,ya i think it is nprmal early in just worried as baby is supposed to be gaining weight as im nearly 36 wks now and im just worried that im eating eough to help him gain weight iykwim.i lived on ice lollies at the start and mcdonalds chicken sandwhiches in the middle and now nothing holds my fancy ha ha except for weetos and coco pops mixed together with ice cold milk,yum yum :o0 :wv
byebye Posts: 599
I was wondering why I'm not as hungry for larger meals!! It's so unlike me as I love my food!! But I get hungry quicker after I have food IYKWIM...