Anyone lose weight with wii fit?

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ScaredyKat Posts: 365
Title says it all. DH was going to buy me one this week to help me lose some of the baby weight. I'm out walking too but was thinking if it was good it would be great to use during the day when baby is asleep. But before I get it i'd like to know if it will help shift some of the weight or even tone certain areas. So has anyone lost weight by using it? Or is it just a gimmick. Any opinions appreciated. Thanks :wv
janine10 Posts: 259
i had my first go on the wii on friday nite played golf and tennis was rubbish at it but had a good laugh, i have seen the fitness one advertised on telly it looks good, :wv
Jawl Posts: 8881
It's like any other form of exercise, unless it's coupled with a proper diet, it won't work. You won't lose weight alone from one or the other, you need both.
ScaredyKat Posts: 365
I have been eating well this last week or more. Cut out junk and cut down on carbs. I have lost a few pounds this week from doing this but know I need exercise too. I can't guarantee I'll get walking everyday so was wondering if the wii fit is worth it. I know the exercise will boost the weight loss and also help to tone. Janine, a few friends say its great fun too. For that alone it'd be great to have in the house. Thanks for replies so far. :wv
I Dream in Disney Posts: 1592
I don't know if I really lost weight with it, but I found it really helps to get you fit. And it makes you more aware of what exercise your doing, etc...