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Bride27/08/10 Posts: 156
HI all, Just wondering have any of us made your own invitations and how easy/hard did you find it and where did you source your paper etc... Getting married abroad so only have to make 50 at the most but need to keep costs down as much as possible
Nov Bridie 09 Posts: 967
We made ours... sourced navy pocket folds from & got the envelopes from them too. (I also bought tiny cards & envelopes from the same company, in the same colour for the thank yous, which I'm in the middle of making now!) In terms of decoration, we bought a roll of ivory paterned wallpaper (made by Laura Ashley & bought in Homebase) & cut it down to size to make the borders! Then bought navy see thru ribbon to tie around them. Bought ivory linen style card & paper in Reids for next to nothing! The wallpaper worked out a treat & was only €11 compared to borders we sourced that all seemed to be €1+ each! For the thankyous we're just using the wallpaper as the border, but leaving the ribbon out! And for the Service booklets, they're basically the same as the thankyous, ie navy covers with a strip of wallpaper for the border! Have to say that the invitations took forever to make, but I had 150 of them to do, so 50 shouldn't be too awful! Just give yourself plenty of time to do them as they will take longer than you expect! Good luck!
Bride27/08/10 Posts: 156
Fair play to you that was very creative and thanks a million for your reply
drinkpinkhorse Posts: 77
I made my own invitations. Using Pink A4 card cut into 3 dl size printed and just a cream paper mulberry rose stuck on it. Very plain but very elegant looking. Only posted them out this week and the replies I have got already is that they invites are amazing. Total cost €30, stamps cost more than invitations for 150 invitations. So total cost of Invitaitons including stamps €85, and even more satisfaction making my own
Bride27/08/10 Posts: 156
Hi drinkpinkhorse, They sound lovely....where did you get the paper and the paper rose
Starbar2010 Posts: 1261
I made mine too. I sourced my bits and pieces from a number of places. Ebay for the mulberry flowers, card and envelopes from Mine are very simple and I loved making them. Three mulberry paper flowers, two burgundy and one cream flower, wedding invitation in gold lettering stuck on the card with a plain cream insert where the wording will be. I love them think they are very elegant but I may be bias :o0
Bride27/08/10 Posts: 156
Thanks for all your replies. I spent last night thinking of ideas O:| Anyway think i'm happy with my design but few more questions for you... I am thinking of a certain colour card such as burgundy and then either white or lilac colour card with the writing on it....what weight card would you use for this and have ye used your normal printer to print off the cards? madaboutcards is a great website but is there more like it out there....can't seem to see the colour I want on this :thnk
Bride27/08/10 Posts: 156
Actually it's not burgundy I'm thinking about....a dark purple actually (thought that was burgundy) :-8
Nov Bridie 09 Posts: 967
I think you're better off buying A4 card and printing 4 invitations onto it & then cutting ithem down to size, using a paper giloutine. I have a really good home printer, but it still only takes A4 & A5 paper... & up to 200gsm card (before jamming). We used 220gsm card as the base card & then 100gsm paper for the invitation wording. If you're in Dublin, I really suggest a trip into Reids on Nassaue St as they have packs of card & paper for next to nothing! And if you're buying a lot, they'll give you 10% off if you ask for it!
bolero_bride Posts: 46
I also used 100g paper for the written part, I bought it in Easons they have a really nice lilac paper I think it cost 2.99 for 25 sheets. Daintree have a good range of deep purple colours, they have an online shop if you're not based in Dublin. Aldi or Lidl often have guiltoines for cutting, bought one in Aldi for €20, don't think I'd have managed cutting them by hand!!