Anyone nervous about their hen?

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Mrssailor Posts: 126
I'm off on mine tomorrow and i'm starting to get very nervous!!! i'm not worried my friends will do anything horrible or there'll be any problems, i'm just a bit nervous about the whole thing! i hate being the centre of attention and the thoughts of it all being about me is a bit nerve wracking. i dont know why i feel so weird about everyone being there because of me. I was really looking forward to the whole thing but now it's tomorrow i dont think i'll sleep a wink tonight!!! anyway just thought i'd see if anyone else felt the same the night before theirs and how it all went in the end? i suppose i better stop procrastinating and go pack my bag!!!
yippeeme Posts: 2139
Yeah can totally imagine feeling the same before mine, although it won't be for ages yet. Hate being centre of attention too, i'm not shy just think its a bit daunting having all eyes n expectation on me. In a really weird way i feel i'm a bit lazy for it, don't know how to explain it but just feel like i have to perform or something, its really strange i know! :-8 Am dreading all eyes on me on the big day too! Think it's gona be weird having all the diff groups of friends n family, that wouldn't normally be in the same situations, all together in the one place for both the hen and the wedding! Really noticed this earlier this year when we had a 30th party for H2B, found it so weird with all the diff groups in the same place, sounds mental! I'm sure u'll have a ball though hun, especially after a few bevies when ya relax! O-O
goinloco Posts: 774
i was so nervous before my hen, i was nearly sick on the way there! i wasnt afraid they would do anything bad, i think it was just the realisation that it was MY hen!!! as soon as i got there i completely relaxed and had a ball O-O
LullaBelle11 Posts: 1159
[quote="goinloco":15t6grpu]i was so nervous before my hen, i was nearly sick on the way there! i wasnt afraid they would do anything bad, i think it was just the realisation that it was MY hen!!! as soon as i got there i completely relaxed and had a ball O-O[/quote:15t6grpu] +1. You will be fine when you get there! have a few drinks and you will be fine! Enjoy it! :o)ll
MrsB2011 Posts: 271
Yep I feel the same way. It's not for ages yet but I'm just keeping it low key in Dublin (nearly all my friends went away for the weekend) and I hope they don't think it's a bit crap! I reckon most people worry a little bit even if they don't admit it.
pinklady001 Posts: 268
Yes!!!! Met up with one of my BM and a good friend last night to get the ball rolling for the hen and I feel sick at the thoughts of it already! Not in a bad way that I think they will do anything horrible as other people have said above, I don't know why I feel this way tbh but I am feeling very nervous and it's not till Oct!! I think some of might be the fact that I get such bad hangovers and the thoughts of two nights out one after the after is killing me :-8
lush11 Posts: 2877
I'm a real bubbly person and usually love being the centre of attention on nights out or just end up being the centre of attention but now that MY hen is coming up i am getting so nervous. I think there will be a lot of pressure on me to be my mad self but i'm not sure if i be able. Also, when i got engaged I was like 'cant wait to walk down the aisle with all eyes on me' but now that its less than 7 weeks away I'm like 'i dont wanna walk down the aisle with all eyes on me'. What am i like? Dont get me wrong im not full of myself or anything like that but i'm always the one that would love a surprise party but never get one, haha. I think with regards to the hen im just nervous that the girls wont enjoy themselves and it will be up to me to get the party started.. Oh the worries...
Jawl Posts: 8881
Mine's over a year away, but I think it's just trying to make sure everybody has a good time!
starbar10 Posts: 991
Mine is tomorrow too :o)ll But I never thought about all the attention being on me and now I feel slightly sick :hic I just saw it as a night out with the girls never thought that it would be all bout me
bubs2012 Posts: 521
Hey Girls I had my hen a few weeks ago and like all of you was a bit anxious before hand. All I can say whether you like being the centre of attention or not, just enjoy every moment. Everyone that is going to go on your hen is there for you and for you to have the best night ever. The girls were all great at mine, they kept making sure I was enjoying my night and looking after me, I felt like a queen but in a really nice way. Have a ball on yer hens girls cause the next step is the wedding - Woo peeeeeeeeeee :wv :wv :wv