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Biddy08 Posts: 120
I am so hoping someone out there has some suggestions or info. My H2B is babtised but dosent have his confirmation!! We both want to get married in the church and hes willing to make his confirmation b4 if thats what it takes anyone out there any advice or knowledge of how to go about this?! I have googled it and its come back with nothing we are not back in Ireland till May so cant just go ask my parish priest at home!!!!????????????
Loopster Posts: 190
Hi Biddy First of all don't panic! I am baptised but never made my confirmation and won't have to and we are getting married in a catholic church. As far as i have gathered there should be no issue as long as you both are baptised catholic. After that it is up to your local parish priest and the priest who is marrying you if they are ok with that, they worst case would be that you could need a dispensation but I dont think you would be asked for this as he is baptised. Have a quick word with the priest marrying you to put your mind at ease, ours is absolutely grand with it and we aren't having mass as part of the ceremony as my family are mixed religion so don't want people feeling awkward. Hope that helps, loopy