anyone not doing ante natal classes?

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sienna13 Posts: 198
hi all, going for my first scan on weds and just wondering about booking the ante natal classes in CUMH, after reading different posts im wondering are they worth it seeing as both me and my husband work shifts and its awkward getting a time to suit both! i have alot of experience with babies already none of them my own of course, and the labour part, well the less i know the better, ignorance is bliss as far as thats concerned.
mamabelle Posts: 1101
Hiya - we were in 2 minds about this but have decided to go ahead with the class. We're just doing a one-day course on a Saturday instead of the 5 evenings. The woman doing the class is Margaret Fanning 4972176.
Rocky Posts: 465
I went 1st time and thought they were complete waste of time. Everybodys pregnancy and birth are so different that i think you are better off not going at all just my own opinion, Rocky
lila Posts: 982
I just finished my classes and thought they were excellent. Very informative about the different labor stages. I would highly recommend doing them. At least then you have an idea of why certain things happen at various stages in the labor as I'm sure on the day itself you'll have plenty of other things to be worrying about
fannyadams Posts: 110
I was also in two minds about doing the classes, wondering if they were any use. I have attended one class and have 4 more to do. I thought it was very interesting. Some of the exercises were a bit cringing (cats and cows) but it cant do any harm at the end of the day. I want to be informed about the labour (i say that now! wait until i am in the throws of it.) but i think it is better to be informed and know what to expect when it is your turn to go into labour.
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
I was also in 2 minds about the ante natal classes and in the end decided to do a one day class! IT's private but was the only way both me and h2b could go together! I've also got any amount of experience with kids and am really not worried about the physical aspect of looking after a baby but was more for h2b! Am hoping that it opens his eyes a bit as he thinks that this is going to be all nice and neat and that the baby will just fit in with our life the way it is! He saw all the pads I had bought the other day n said "Eh - what will ya need them for????" :o0 On the labour front - I'm in 2 minds! On one hand ignorance is bliss but on the other hand the more informed you are the less likely you are to panic or freak out!
sienna13 Posts: 198
thanks lads. i suppose i'll wait til the scan tom and we can have a good chat about it then, i dont think hubbie has a clue whats ahead , maybe i should send him on his own :o0
MrsK07 Posts: 454
I did them years ago but as for the labour bit I can't remember saying to myself on the day "oh ya, they did this in such and such a classs". Will probably do a refresher this time round but more for hubby than myself. Like that I think he thinks that it will be a case of feed, change, bath the baby. Get up a few nights with it and we'll all live happily ever after. I don't think they understand that you could be hours or maybe even days in labour or even about what goes on with our bodies after theevent. And not to mention the extreme tiredness that we will experience and the Baby Blues. Some have alot to learn.
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
I didn't do them. We did a hypnobirthing weekend course and I did a breast feeding class. It depends on what you want. I wanted a labour that I was in control of and I wanted it as natural as possible. Knowing what the stages are and what was happening was a great motivator for me to keep breathing through the contractions and that my baby was getting closer and closer to us. I would highly recommend hypnobirthing if you want to be in control of your labour. Best of luck.