Anyone not excited about maternity leave

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sunnyside Posts: 3164
Don't get me wrong- am looking forward to the baby etc but not the long days at home. I love getting out and about and I am a little weird in that I love my job and going to work :-8 . I live quite a bit from work so won't see work colleagues once I go on maternity leave. Everyone I meet says it will be great that you'll be off in a few weeks but I keep thinking hope I don't go insane..............
mama2E Posts: 670
My first thought was are you crazy...........but its lovely to hear someone who loves working. As regards maternity - believe me its amazing the amount of stuff that needs doing. I have only stayed in the the house once since I started my maternity (nearly 2 weeks ago). Infact there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything I need done -done. Granted everything takes longer as we expand and I'm going into alot of detail with my cleaning and house work. Wish to be honest I could just sit on the sofa and relax. So my point is in theory its meant to be quiet/ boring but I've found I've alot to get sorted before baby and haven't stopped between shopping, lunches and house work (nesting)!!!!!! So you'll probably not be as bored as you think!
Thinkerbell Posts: 187
Believe me sunnyside you wont have time to go insane, you'll be busy doing things with the baby. Can you not arrange to meet you work colleagues for lunch every now and then, and go visit friends etc.
lifestooshort Posts: 2312
A friend of mine said she wishes she'd used the time to purely relax she spent too much time running around meeting people for lunch etc and she should have been storing her energy for labour and afterwards. I'm hoping I've no running around to do that I can rent loads of dvds, go walking my dog and basically potter about!
sunnyside Posts: 3164
I don't want this to come across the wrong way but it's the thought of all that housework and food shopping and normal wife/mother type things that make me scared. At the moment my DH and I work long hours and share all house duties- in fact he's much better at house things than me as I completely hate housework etc. I know I'll be busy with a baby and the house things will fall to me while off but it's exactly that which makes me worry how I will cope without the challenge of work. I know minding a baby is so much more important that any job but I'm really scared that I will hate being in the house or leaving the house only to sort out house things- like groceries, clothes etc. And deep down I'm worried I'll resent DH when he heads off to work each day.... Will definitely make an effort to get out and about and meet people or else I'll have to sneak back into work and keep the baby under my desk :-8 OK only kidding about the last bit but my boss said he wouldn't be surprised! told you I was weird.......... :-8
busybee07 Posts: 959
[quote="mama2b":dapexdzb] I'm going into alot of detail with my cleaning and house work. Wish to be honest I could just sit on the sofa and relax.[/quote:dapexdzb] Mama2b, all that cleaning, is that not a sign of nesting??
montblanc Posts: 385
hi sunnyside! Can I ask what kind of work you do? I'd love a job I love! I know what you mean though. My DH is great around the house and I am useless, I try but I'm useless. Can't bear the thought of 6 months at home, although I'll be glad to not be at work too. I'll feel like i'm rattling around an empty house-have no friends or family close to visit either.
baby-bel Posts: 929
hi sunnyside Im dying to know what your job is too as its not often that you hear people saying they love their job :eek I hate mine anyway :o( and I cant wait to be going on maternity leave :o0 dont get me wrong I hate housework too & am no good at it :o0 but will have a lovely little baby to fuss over so cant wait for that ! I take it you wont be taking the 16wks unpaid leave so!! I'll def be taking the unpaid leave too as its not often you can take a break from work and have a job there waiting for you to go back to. Presumably although you are entitled to 26 wks mat leave you dont actually have to take it all if you dont want to??? I think theres a minimum amount of wks mat leave that has to be taken after the birth of your baby but after that if you wanted to return to work you could (you might feel very differently though when you have your baby!) You dont have to stay in the house, you can go meet friends for lunch, join a mom & baby group, take a baby massage class or baby sign class etc where you are meeting other moms, or arrange a regular Wol meetup!! You could do a course in the evening one or two nights a week for an hour & let DH look after baby!! There are lots of evening hobby course starting for the winter and again in the spring. :wv
delgirl Posts: 1706
sunnyside, I totally understand what you mean. I live in England so no family in the country and all my friends are again work colleagues (1 hour away). I booked my maternity leave for 35 weeks as I knew with commute and teaching (primary teaching) I would be tired. Ended up going sick for four weeks so off since 31 weeks. I loved being off. But I had to make a conscious effort to do something everyday. I did up my list and everyday went out and got something off of it. Luckily I live quite close to shops. I sometimes grabbed a coffee or tea and a small lunch out and read with a book, listed baby names etc. I met up with work colleagues every two weeks for a drink (softie) or maybe some food. I am heading back to work now in Sep and although looking forward to it I don't feel my time has dragged at all.
workingmom Posts: 3429
I used to think the same thing, I have just been off work for 2 weeks sick leave, and was at home. Before I was pregnant, I hated any days off work, and same as you, I live miles from work. But, on the time off, I was cleaning every day (still trying to keep it up) cooking, buying things for the baby and knitting for it too, I really enjoyed the time, and felt very peaceful and contented. One day back at the hammer and my stress levels are up to 90, I am pissed off with things that I cannot change and now I am really looking forward to maternity leave TBH.