Anyone NOT getting present for H2B??

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honest woman Posts: 322
Things so busy & expensive at the moment with wedding, myself & H2B were thinking of not giving each other wedding presents, just a card with soemthing nice written inside. Figure we'll have wedding rings anyway as momento of wedding itself...... Anyone else not giving presents?
buzzinbride Posts: 24
me neither... I/we can do without the hassle and expense of it. There is nothing that we want and I cannot justify spending money on something only for the sake of it. We have spent alot on our wedding rings. That will do for me.
vonanto Posts: 395
We arent doing it either, he is really bad at picking presents and he will just freak out my whole family trying to find something :o0 :o0 (not being critical he always does this but he thinks I dont know :o0 :o0 ), anyway I've spoken to him and we decided not to do it - he looked shocked that I would even expect a present :o0 :o0
Bejewelled Wife Posts: 2190
We are only getting something very small. I have asked for a charm for my bracelet. And I have to think of something for him - Maybe same extra special undies for the honeymoon. >:o)
rocj Posts: 799
we are not either we just cant afford it. my h2b was shocked also that we would have to get each other anything. he said the whole day was a present to each other and i have to agree with him. we spent money on our rings so thats our present to each other.
Beverly Hill Posts: 591
We're not doing it either. I don't want anything and I don't think H2B even knows that you're supposed to exchange gifts. Too many other things to pay for as well so I just can't see the point.
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
Well it's an expensive day alright... I did get H2B a pressie though. After all, I did get an engagement ring so I think it's only fair. I got him a fancy new Samsung laptop and Bose headphones as he's into his music big time. I do get to use the laptop though so it isn't all for him I suppose! >:o)
honest woman Posts: 322
Glad I'm not the only one so!! Vonanto....think we are wedding twins :wv Although, looking at my ticker, it doesnt really make much sense as I'm getting married on a Saturday....... I meant to get himself an engagement present, and still intend to, but I'm a few presents behind at this stage so the thoughts of getting a wedding one as well just was more to add to the list!!! engagment present will proabably be given to him on 1st anniversary :o0
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
We didn't - I really don't see the point and think it has just become another keeping up the jones. On the e-ring, I gave some money towards it, only seemed right. We are living together in our house, we share all costs.
mandibee Posts: 305
Yeah im getting my H2B a huge present............................... [b:38jdu26q]Me!!!!! [/b:38jdu26q]:o0 :o0 Ah no - were not exchanging gifts... Really cant afford it... :wv