Anyone not having button holes and corsages for the bridal p

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littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
I would need 4 button holes and 2 corsages. I know my H2Bs family and BM wouldn't care, one way or the other and either would I. I am thinking that my parents would care though. They were even suggesting them for my sister and hubby who are not in the bridal party. It probably wouldn't save me much, but trying to make as much cutbacks as possible in little areas even, to save a few hundred. On a really tight budget.
blueswallow Posts: 1244
We haven't decided for certain yet, but considering not having them because we're not sure they'll suit the style of the wedding. They're very romantic looking, I think, and we'd like a 'sharper' look.
ladyandthetramp Posts: 411
Hi i suppose it wouldnt really matter if you didnt have them, but sometimes because we brides are on a budget we tend to cut out unneccesary things, but then my h2b pointed out that we tend to get on a roll at saving and everything becomes unneccesary, i am getting them because i asked my florist and with 3bm, me, button holes for 6 button holes, 2 wrist corsages for mothers, 2 fowergirls wands!! and 2 €50 bouquets for the mammies the total for my flowers was €460 which im very happy about, cheaper than all the rest, so for the sake of €30- 40 for button holes i would just get them for the bridal party and they will look nice in the photos, your parents will be happy!! if you would like the number of the florist pm me, she is having a christmas open day today Sunday, she is based in leixlip, you could pop out to her and maybe even get yourself a bargain.!!!
mrstee Posts: 927
if you wanted to cut back on money you could always just buy the roses and babys breath in a florist and make them yourself... all you need to do is tape them together and then pin them on... might cost bout €15 - €20 all in..