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007Babs Posts: 417
Hi all, Sill question here but I am 9 weeks gone and really not tired! I am sick though but I am just wondering that I am not really tired at all. Well able to stay up late too. Do you think this is okay?
Spice Bride Posts: 558
I was worried too that I wasn't exhausted. I call the week before my AF my 'tired week' and I usually fall asleep on the sofa at 9, so was expecting pregnancy to wipe me out. I haven't been really tired though since getting BFP. Was suffering from insomnia almost at one stage. Have had tiredness on and off but not the bone weariness that other women seem to get. I googled it and read an article that said that the hormone that makes you feel tired during the day can also keep you awake at night. Anyway, I had a scan at 9 and 1/2 weeks and everything is fine with baby. So just guess that I'm not one of those women who experience the tiredness and sounds like you are too...