Anyone on a very tight budget?

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Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Hi all, Not feeling so smiley tonight, trying to plan our wedding is turning out so much more expensive than we thought. We're only engaged a couple of weeks but are eager to get going and start our lives together so are house hunting and planning the wedding at the same time and the bottom line is the money just isn't there. My H2B is so incredibly generous and has a good bit of money saved and invested for our future, but I only work part-time and have no savings. I just can't let him spend all that money on the wedding, particularly as most of it will be needed for the house, which is needed as we'll have no where to live after the wedding! It's not fair on him at all to pay for everything and for me to contribute nothing. So does anyone have any advice on how to do a wedding on a budget? I'm talking probably about 15,000 all in, less than that if we can, mabye closer to 10,000? We want a church wedding and would have to have our reception in a hotel as we don't have any land/big garden for a marquee - but aside from that I'm willing to compromise on anything else, I don't care where my dress is from or how much it costs or anything like that, I don't want anything but to be married to him. So the cheaper the better in my opinion, I don't care how much work it is or how 'homemade' anything looks, if it means we can get married then that's perfect by me. Like I said I don't have any savings but I thought if I could get working on a cheaper wedding and then present my findings to H2B then it would be some sort of contribution at least. Luckily I think some friends/family are going to take care of make up, church music, some photography and a discount on the band which we're so grateful that's something at least, but there's still a long way to go. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
WE'll be on a tight budget also and like you I don't really care all that much about the nitty gritty stuff! All I want is to be married to my wonderful h2b! Those are some great savings you are making already! There are also great money saving tips on here! Keep an eye out in Tescos for cheap invitations! Some of the ones they have are lovely and you can make a brilliant saving! Do your own flowers? No favours! Will definitely be trying Barnardos in Carlow for my dress! Have wedding midweek when you won't have minimum numbers and keep it small! Keep your bridal party small! Make a deal with any bridesmaids that you'll get the dress and they get their own shoes etc? Shop in high street stores for bridesmaid dresses during the sales! Haggle, haggle haggle and just when they think they've got you to agree to a price haggle some more! :o0 It's a buyer's market now or so they tell me! We're very lucky in that my mam is paying for the meal so that allows us a little bit more leeway but still can't afford to spend a fortune! Will be saving money everywhere I can!
marianf Posts: 5845
You might be able to get your dress from Littlewoods. ... e=12&seo=t Best of luck! I know you will do it.
dumdidum Posts: 105
I'm on a very tight budget - and have to say i don't think i'd of managed to do it without all the hints and tips off this site.... for instance my favours for 100 guests came in at under 20 euro!! (ivory tulle bag (ebay) with some mint imperials (sainsburys)) But you are off to a great start cos some of the things you mentioned your getting help with are the dearests parts of the wedding... Haggle haggle haggle with the venue.... go to the wedding fairs, some of the offers on the night are deffo worth it not only from the hotel but from local suppliers too.... wouldn't buy a dress here - unless its at a great price, deffo look on some of the us websites etc
hagfromhell Posts: 2146
I am on a tight budget, and it can be done. Am having no favors, going to go to smithfield market and get flowers and do them myself (I am no florist but going to give it a good shot) got my dress in a sale of samples in a bridal shop for €130, haggled the bm dresses down from €250 each to €199 each, having candles in the church instead of flowers. Getting a band which is not a specialist wedding band but is every bit as good if not better for €1000 (got quotes of up to €3.5k). Beg, borrow or steal cars, singers etc (if you know anyone who is capable of doing anything ask them!). Getting my cake made in local bakers for €130. Try online for dresses etc. Try to book things without mentioning weddings as everything automatically shoots up in price. Cut out on the things that won't even be noticed . Good luck!!
Belleboo Posts: 924
Firstly congrats on your engagement! Monsoon have beautiful dresses have a look after Christmas when there should be a sale. Def wait for the sale as their dresses are pristine even in the sale and half the price (bought a dress there for €130 and it is out of this world - hoping to wear it for the evening). I also got shoes and a bag in Barretts both for €50, so it can definately be done. You mentioned lots of cost savers already. Think about getting married on a Thursday - my brother did this and saved a fortune. Easons sell wedding invites and they are very reasonable. Keeping it small will also help. Enjoy the planning and good luck!
MilkyMoo Posts: 142
try for invites on [url:i637tcyd][/url:i637tcyd] my save the date cards from them were double sided postcards, glossy on one side, including envelopes (quantity 100). they cost me €15.71 including postage!!!!! you get the postcards for free, then pay for envelopes and postage ( I go with the cheapest, slow, and it only takes about 7 working days, not the 14-21 they state) on quite a tight budget too, but have decided to go abroad instead. much better value imo good luck with the planning, I'm sure the girls on here will give you loads of advice! :xxs
Gembira Posts: 847
one word ebay! If you see something on a wedding website that you like but can't afford, go onto ebay and see if you can get it on there cheaper. Or make them if you can. I've saved loads by buying stuff from ebay. I bought save the date magnets and paid £29 for 100, on another bridal website the same amount would have been over £100!!!!! Also, it's definitely worth checking the US websites. I paid half price for my dress by ordering it from the US. It's also worth checking out a website called milly bridal for both wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. I'm getting my bridesmaid dresses from them (made to measure in the colour I want - even if I want to make some adjustments to the style) for $70 each. If a style you want isn't on the website, email them and they can create a design for you from scratch. There's some threads on the website about it with pics. The dress I ordered was fully lined and very well made! It can definitely be done, the internet is your best friend!
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
I am on a very tight budget as well...about €12,ooo. I don't think we'll manage to do it for less. We have almost booked the hotel and it is very reasonable for a Dublin hotel. We are doing without the favours and the chair covers. My fiance is a member of a classic car club and is hoping to ask another member about using his car. If that doesn't work, I will ask my brother in law to drive me in his company car. Just get a bit of ribbon and attach it on. My fiance has a friend who will make the invitations. I have a friend who I hope will do the photos as he does that. My parents insist on covering the reception and my fiance's parents will contribute as well. We are having an all night DJ instead of a band. I am heading first to Oxfam and Barnardos to look at dresses. I have just 1 BM and told her to pick her own and I will then give her the money. I am hoping to find a normal pair of cheap comfy shoes and get them covered. Hoping I can borrow alot of the jewellery and hope my sister will do my make up as I don't want much. I have a few friends I can turn to for the church singing. Few possible options for getting a good rate on the cake too. Only thing is the hotel want a minimum of 110 people or I have to pay rent on the room of €650. I will have to invite about 140 to ensure 110 turn up I think. we are having our wedding on a Monday. Hope that helps.
Tinkerbella Posts: 167
Im on a budget too but i think if I did have the money I dont think I would want a really flashy wedding anyway. My budget is around €10 - 12K. Im having a DJ instead of a band and im cutting back on the extras. It can be done, just shop around and get good quotes. the other wollies on this website have been so helpful in giving recommendations etc. All that matters is you and your H2B - just dont get caught up in all the hype - as the hype is only there to get you spending your money. *)