Anyone on norzac?

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momof3 Posts: 510
Hi all I've been struggling with depression for Years now but came off norzac in sept while TTC. I've been feeling the depression is slowly creeping back in and my gp wants me to go back on it. I'm just afraid of the effects on the baby. She said there's a small risk of respiratory Destress and withdrawal after birth. I'm not happy with that risk?? Any advice??
SandyClaws Posts: 3108
No real advice I'm afraid but I'm on cipramil 20mg for over a year. Im going to say it to my gp later to see is it ok to take while bf and just before baby arrives as any ill effects to baby only seem to occur if mum is taking tabs in last few weeks of preg. It depends on if the risks to mum NOT taking tabs are too high vs risks to baby afaik. Hope you're doing ok :thnk
Toots12 Posts: 894
I'm not an expert by any means on this subject but just wanted to reply and say that I hope that you're able to arrive at the best solution for you, your LOs and your little bean. Have you tried any complementary therapies, such as meditation, acupuncture or yoga etc - just wondering if they're beneficial at all?
momof3 Posts: 510
Not too desperate that not been on the tablets out weigh risks to baby, so mayb an alternative solution might b the answer. I'm going to hold on to script until next app in Drogheda , thanx for reply