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Mari yay Posts: 4045
Hi, I ordered a dress at the weekend from, and I received it today. Its a lovely dress, loving the colour, but the hem at the end of the dress at the back is very very crooked, and the dress cost €60! If I had paid €20 in Penneys I wouldn't be complaining but for €60, its just not good enough! Am I right? Has anyone else ordered from this site, is the quality any good, did I just get unlucky?
Happymammy2010 Posts: 837
Hi MrsG I have a few dresses from and found that they were good quality. I would send it back if I were you and explain why and either get a refund or replacement.
sparklie100 Posts: 191
I have also used this site and found the quality to be very good - I'd definetly return it, their customer service are also very good to deal with...hth
CestMoi Posts: 2162
I bought a dress from them before, but it had sequins all down the front and the rest was more or less see through from what I can remember. It was way different than it looked on the page. I rang them and they said I could send it back, everything was fine. It took a while to get the refund sorted, but that was probably 2 years ago so they might be better now. I'd buy from them again, but I'd look a bit closer at the pictures next time!
Anon - Please help Posts: 203
Ive ordered 5 dresses from them and only kept 2! 1 didnt fit and the other 2 had crooked hems! One had a pattern on the bottem that was about 6 inches from the hem at the front and as it went around the dress it got shorter and shorter, it looked so weird! The other one was longer at the front than the back! Still the 2 that I kept are lovely and everyone comments on them. Prob would order again anyway as the customer service is great.
plainsconesonly Posts: 300
Yeah have ordered off them twice and never again. Personally I think the quality is crap for the price. As you said penneys have better stuff and cheaper too!
circus123 Posts: 379
i've ordered from them but sent a good lot of the stuff back the quality isn't very good. some things i've been happy with and kept. their customer service is very good though, they are always very nice when you ring up and i've always been refunded in a couple of days. i left it too late once to return something so couldn't get a refund but they left it as credit on my account and had a whole year to use the credit on something else with your purchase i would send it back for a refund
Mari yay Posts: 4045
I wouldn't mind getting a replacement dress if the hem was properly sewn. Its a lovely colour, at least the dress I ordered from Coast is :lvs ly!