Anyone pregnant after 3 or more miscarriage ??

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1Baby Posts: 127
Hi girls Just wondering if there are any of you who are pregnant or have had a baby after having 3 or more miscarriages in a row. Just looking for some hope :o(
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
Hey hun you are not alone, i had 4 m/c before i had my little girl in the summer...there is a thread about 4 pages back i think its called 'anyone have a baby atfer 4 miscarriages' and there is a good few replies to that. After 3 in a row you should be able to attend the m/c clinic in your maternity hospital and they can run some tests on you and a blood test on you partner too. Pm me if you have any q's or need a chat :lvs
Piggle Posts: 1770
Hey love ,,, awh don't give up hope .. I know right now you are beginning to think what is the point in going through the heart ache? I am not out of the woods yet, but i've had four miscarriages all of which ended before 10 weeks, I am now almost 18 weeks!! Go to the miscarriage clinic hun and get the tests done, they might be able to see if there is a reason for it? All my tests came back fine, so they put it down to "bad luck" Stay with it, its heartbreaking and devastating, but you could also try Napro In galway!! Thinking of you :lvs :lvs
netzer Posts: 833
I am the same as Piggle. Have a look in ttc thrad we have a Napro link there. I thought we had no hope until we got there. Now all is going well so far.
Sparkly Pooh Bear Posts: 96
I am 31 weeks pregnant after three miscarriages - got loads of test done (through public hospital) still no results, went to private consultant who prescribed aspirin and was about to attend for private tests when i became pregnant on this one - still taking my aspirin and so far things are ok. There is hope - i would say to get on to your gp to refer you on to consultant and get blood clotting tests done, hormone level testing done - don't leave any stone uncovered.