Anyone pregnant after a MMC?

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wonderwife Posts: 463
Hi Ladies I've just got my AF after a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks, 6 weeks ago. Anyway now AF is here the way is clear to start trying again this cycle, which I'm pleased about but now I'm starting to worry it'll happen again. So are there any postive stories out there about a successful pregnancy after a MMC? Thanks Wonderwife.
dilin o damhsa Posts: 776
:action32 Hi Wonderwife. So sorry to hear about your MMC. I had a MMC earlier in the year and got pregnant on the second cycle after my D&C. So far everything is going really well. There is definitely a loss of innocence in pregnancy after miscarriage and it can be really hard to relax and believe it will be ok. There's a pregnant after miscarriage thread on here and I found it a great support. The one thing that was very important to me this time around was to talk through all the possibilities and appointments with DH in advance. We found out about our MMC at a private scan and the sonographer wouldn't give us a straight answer so I had to explain what was going on to DH. It was horrible horrible and now I make sure that he knows what's going on at appointments so that we can actually support eachother.
theoracle Posts: 7664
There most certainly are. Unfortunately m/cs are quite common, but it doesn't mean that it can't work out next time. I had 3 m/cs in total, (one a twin), but also 4 babies. The pregnancy after my first mmc was tough, I want lie, I was petrified the whole 9 months that something was going to happen, but it didn't and it all went well, had even had a v good labour. You have to (allthough it seems impossible at times) view each pregnancy as a separate one.
wonderwife Posts: 463
Hi Dilin Massive congrats on your pregnancy and I'm sorry too about your previous loss. Your story gives me a lot of hope. I would love to be pregnant again by Christmas but am just trying not to get caught up in the pressure of it all. I was so so worried last time but I am hoping that part of that was that I knew things we're right. At least I have learned that making myself sick with worry doesn't make things work out so I'm hoping that that will relax me a bit more next time. And thanks for telling me about that other thread I will go and have a wee look now. Thanks again and all the best for the rest of your pregnancy ;-)
dilin o damhsa Posts: 776
Sorry to hear about your losses The Oracle. Thanks Wonderwife. I hope your second cycle is as lucky as our was. Just a word of advice; your cycle might still be a bit out of step so be open to your dates being a little. At our first scan the baby measured a week behind what we expected but there was a lovely heartbeat so we didn't worry. Do get an early scan if you can but wait til 8 or 9 weeks as with a good scan at that stage your chances of mc are very low and you'll have less time for stress levels to rise again before the 12week scan. Best of luck.
wonderwife Posts: 463
the oracle - I'm sorry for your losses but it is also lovely to hear about your successful pregnancies. Dilin - the EPU have said they will do as many scans as I want before 12 weeks but as you said if/when I get pregnant again I think I'll wait till I'm at least 8/9 weeks. I had a scan at 6 weeks and everything was ok although I was measuring 5 days behind so I would hate to have that worry again.
mummytime Posts: 3149
Sorry to read about your mmc. My first pregnancy ended in a mmc at about 12 weeks. We conceived DS1 4 months later. I bought a doppler and that was great reassurance and everything was fine. You will also get an early reassurance scan at about 7 weeks. I had no issues with DS2 however did have 2 miscarriages before we conceived this baby. Miscarriages are incredibly common and the vast majority of people go on to have healthy wee babas. I had very long cycles after my missed misacrriage and so decided to have fertility acupuncture. It helped regulate my cycles and is also supposed to improve the quality of the eggs. It helped me to think that I was being proactive about improving the outcome when i next conceived. Best of luck
browz Posts: 256
Hi there ive had 2 mcs, the second was a mmc. i waited 2 cycles before trying again and got pregnant on the first try. Im 30 wks now and everything is going perfect. the innocence is definately gone when you have mcs, I didnt even feel excited till about 16wks+. But, Like other posters have said, they are so common and dont mean that you wont go on to have a pertfectly healthy pregnancy in the future, try and keep positive and look after yourself. i did accupuncture after mmc and still keep it thru this pregnancy and find it has helped me so much mentally cos I felt I was being pro active in helping things along. best of luck with it all.
goodietwoshoes Posts: 167
Hi Wonderwife, I had mmc at 12 wks in April. Got AF 6 wks later and got bfp on 2nd cycle.Am 20 wks now and all fine so far. Found the first 3 months hard, was negative and on constant knicker watch, hard to enjoy the early days. I'm fine now and loving every kick and poke. So sorry to hear of your mmc. It takes a lot of healing, physically and mentally. Best of luck on your ttc journey again xx
annonTTCer Posts: 532
I'll be 30 weeks pregnant Saturday, had a mmc in dec and was ( unexpectedly) pregnant in march! All going very well thank god, first too mc's happened naturally & mmc was a huge shock as we thought all going well, on the home stretch now and I really think it was as a result of having d & c, hadn't had that on first two mc's, I wish you the best of luck pet!!