anyone pregnant after pProm pregnancy

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anotherbabs Posts: 10
hi all is anyone pregnant or had a successful pregnancy after a previous pProm pregnancy.. if anyone could give me some answers would be really grateful did ye have many appoinments early on? were ye swabbed for infection early on?? etc all info wold be great thanks xx
evenstar Posts: 367
Hi anotherbabs, I am so sorry for your loss. I have no experience of PPROM but have you considered looking at the A Little Lifetime Foundation forum ( I know there are plenty of girls there who are pregnant after a previous PPROM pregnancy. My little girl passed away at 43 weeks almost a year ago now and I know how terrifying it can be facing into another pregnancy. Take care of yourself, evenstar
anotherbabs Posts: 10
hi evenstar, im a regular poster on isands but wanted to keep anon here so i changed my username as i know a few ppl who have joined here thank you though xxx