Anyone pregnant again post an early delivery loss?

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Higgs particle Posts: 4557
Hi, I was just hoping to compare hospital visits. I lost my man at 23 weeks (he lived fro 40 mins). This time I am a high risk pregnancy but am going public again (good or bad idea I don’t know yet). I have a letter from my consultant post my little man's delivery detailing what would happen 'next time'. My first hospital appointment is next week (I’ll be 16 weeks) despite in the letter it stated I should be in at 10 to 12 weeks for swabs etc. (I did ring and say this but ended up in hospital for two weeks, chronic morning sickness, so didn’t follow up). The next appointment stated in the letter is at 24 weeks for more swabs. Now I plan to discuss all this with the consultant; i.e. that I’m not happy that I was left until 16 wks, when plan was for 10 -12wks, that I will not be happy waiting till 24 weeks before next visit, will internal scans be taken to monitor my cervix (discussed but not stated in the letter) etc. I guess before I go in guns blazing I am just wondering what are the appointments / frequency other high risk pregnancies are receiving so that I can compare? Hope this makes sense! Thanks, Higgs
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
So sorry to read about your loss. That must have been so painful. No experience myself but there are a few girls on here in a similar position such as wild child. I'm sure they'll be on later and should be able to help. Best of luck with everything.
Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
I have no experience of early delivery sorry, but I was losing my DS2 at 20 weeks (cervix was opening) and they took swaps at EVERY visit (and I was public) I was brought back every 4 weeks for a scan and they checked fluid etc. If I were you I would stand up to them and TELL them that it's not on and that you want to be brought back earlier than they have said....I find if you are REALLY stern they won't mess with you, just explain to them about your other DS and TELL them you want better checks on this LO. Best of luck
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
HP our little girl was stillborn at 37w last April. Like you I was told how my next pregnancy would be approached, and how carefully I would be monitored. We decided to go private (rotunda) for my own peace of mind more than anything, because I was told that it wouldn't matter if I went public or private I'd be given my own consultant etc. I got my first appointment at 9wks (I checked public first and I still would have been seen at 9wks). Met with the consultant who told me I was doing all I could do to prevent it happening again (I am taking asprin to prevent clots) and sent me on my way until March when I will be 21wks >:o( I wasn't happy with this and rang them back last week to say I wanted to be seen every month, so I'm back with the consultant again on the 26th. It's an absolute disgrace how you have to keep on and on at them. The reason I went private was to prevent this happening, I thought if the consultant knew my history and I was paying enough I'd be seen regularly. I basically feel like I've been lied to by the consultant who went through Lara's post mortem results with us. I will say it to my consultant at the end of the month, that I'm not happy with how I've been treated etc. I asked online her a few weeks ago how frequently private patients where being seen and I think everyone was 4/5 wks between visits. Definitely get back on to the hospital, explain that you are not happy. If you need to get in touch with whoever signed/gave you the letter and get them to explain why you are not being treated as you were told. Best of luck with the pregnancy. I know how you are feeling, and just remember don't keep stuff bottled up. If you are stressed or worried at all ring the hospital or talk to someone. xx
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
Thanks for the replies. Sorry to hear of your losses too. it is the same Consultant I had on first pregnancy and for post visits so I hope to be able to talk to him about my concerns etc. I probably should have gone private but tbh we just didn’t have the money. I am also going to insist on only seeing him, I could fill a post on my experiences with registrars! I do think I need to seen more regularly. As I said I wanted some feedback before the appointment so that I can back up what I am saying iykwim. I know in England my sister’s friend had a similar loss to me and was seen every two weeks as a public patient. I know the hospital I am going to is very busy and I am wondering if I made the right decision going back there. I’ll see how this appointment goes and maybe look at other options if I get no joy. Thanks again