Anyone read this book?????

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littlechick Posts: 758
Gina Fords 'The Contented Little Baby Book' Is it any good?? It would be for a first time mother. :wv
McMummy Posts: 1041
Hey LittleChick you'll find loads of posts on this book if you do a quick search. I bought it before DS was born and thought it was great but once DS arrived I found it very difficult to get DS into the routine and very stressful trying to wake him for feeds then get him back to sleep at the times suggested. Also DS would get overtired very easily and a bath in the evening would get him into a terrible state and hard to settle for hours so I could only bath him in the morning. DS also had acid reflux so her routine didn't suit him at all. In the end I took the book and dumped it in spare room never to be opened again. Having said that some people sware by her but I would just sware at her O:| Some people like the baby whisper too but after the Gina Ford book I gave up on reading books and just followed my own gut feeling and DS fell into his own routine in time.
littlechick Posts: 758
Thanks for that McMummy. I ordered it online yesterday before I got your reply!! I am putting it in a hamper I am making for my sister. Sure I'll stick it in anyway and she might at least have a read of it. :wv