Anyone recommend a good band and photographer PLS!?

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vintagebride11 Posts: 30
Hi all, I went to see Sax and the City band last nite but not too sure about them, can anyone recommend a good band that plays a bit of everything and will keep the dancefloor full? Also need advice on a good photographer - dont want "posey" pics more relaxed and natural so if anyone can advise i would be grateful - only 10 months to go and i have neither! Thanks!
LabLady Posts: 4325
where in the country are you? I can recommend Darren Kirwan Photography for Limerick'/Clare etc area
wollysocks Posts: 1773
Why don't you have a look at the supplier directory here? You can then find suppliers based wherever you are in the country. Most have a website- so for photographers you can have a look at other wedding shots they've done and see what you like. Most bands too have a website and you can listen to them perform so you can get an idea of a few that might suit... When we narrowed our band down to a few options then I did searches here to find out past mentions of them and what people said about them...same with photographers..good luck with it all.... :wv
vintagebride11 Posts: 30
Im from Dublin but wedding in Wicklow - have been on the supplier directory but there are tons of bands/photographers so would like to see if anyone has had any good bands/photographers that they've booked/had themselves!
fish12 Posts: 389
tiggeriffic Posts: 547
Darren Purcell from for photographs
Sprocket Posts: 1671
We're using Penry Photography because they do those kind of relaxed shots. They're based in Dublin but travelling to Connemara for our wedding.
peacockgirl Posts: 1312
Hi, I would recommend Eric Savoie at ... that's who I have booked and really like his stuff. He is based in Wicklow. Hth :)
mrsohara2b Posts: 49
depends what type of music you are looking for..we went with a band called atlantic avenue (formerly east of eden) they are a lot of soft rock amongst others, they are so good that nearly everyone we know that got married or is getting married has them...let me know if you want their managers of luck with the search...
realta Posts: 820
along with teaching bride i recommend Eric Savoi. He is really nice to deal with and his style is very relaxed shots and he really tries to capture the emotions of the day our band is the controversial allstars. they're real musicians and not just a wedding band, iykwim. The band and photographer were the most important part of the reception to us so we made sure we were very happy with our choices good luck!