Anyone's sex drive gone out the window?

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corkrebel Posts: 744
Just wondering if I am the only one feeling this way ? I feel like its as though I have gotten what I wanted out of my poor hubbie and now I am not interested anymore..... in fairness, he is sooooo supportive and does not care as long as I am ok ...but I am just wondering what the general feeling is out there!
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
From what I've heard corkrebel this is completely normal the first trimester -what with the way you're feeling. But wait until the second trimester - poor hubby won't know what him!! Apparently your sex drive goes thru the roof!!
twinkle star Posts: 58
hey corkrebel, i feel the same as you, total gone off it. Im due the 29th december but dont know where to go . Did you make up your mind where your going. I have vhi but have heard that it still costs around 2000 euro.
tasket Posts: 306
Hi corkrebel, I had no interest in the 1st trimester, too tired in the morning and oddly enough my "morning" sickness was worse at night so no poor hubby got v little action! 19 weeks now and although I've heard of girls going mad for it in the 2nd trimester I have to admit I'm still not all that interested... :oops: But I feel bad for hubby so I try to muster up the enthusiasm at least once a week! (Oh dear, that sounds awful! I do think hubby is lovely, but my drive just isn't really there!) :D I know exactly what you mean about the difference between the activity levels while TTC vs those while pg - no comaprison and I do feel a bit guilty! Ah well he had fun while we were in the "rabbits" phase. :lol:
corkrebel Posts: 744
well, I am glad to know that I am not alone..I was beginning to get worried! Twinkle Star..I am going to St Finbarr's in Cork ..I am seeing the consultant privately and his fees are €2K....with this being our 1st baby, I dont know what to expect and want to get the best possible care...not that going public does not give you that ... Tasket sound like me ...morning sickness is grand in the morning but come the afternoon and evening , I am dying ...!
jellybaby Posts: 2316
corkrebel, my poor hubbie doesn't know what's hit him in the past two months. When we were ttc, he was getting some action almost every night, but these days he's lucky to get any at all :oops: . He is very supportive though, knows how sick and exhausted I've been....although in the beginning I think he though I was exaggerating, until I showed him posts in the m2b club on mm, where others were saying how awful they felt too. I do hope I feel better soon though, cos I feel so bad for him. But sure, it's not the end of the world either, and I think most people go through this from what I hear :lol:
sharonstep Posts: 57
hi girls, i'm in the third trimester and have had zero sex drive since conceiving and i don't think its gonna change now! my hubby is sooo supportive and has never complained(think he was worn out before when we were ttc). i thought i would be up for it at this stage but i feel too heavy now and the tiredness/aches and pains don't help. never mind we can all make up for it afterwards hopefully :lol:
rose petal Posts: 307
Wow and there I thought I was the only one not interested... Poor h2b again is supportive knows i am exhausted , boobs hurt etc. So I think he is really hanging on till after 3 mths and things really improve. I do think he is getting a bit fustrated... Poor baby but he knows it is all worth it in the end, we saw babs on scan yesterday so very emotional day. All systems go from here on in .... Good luck girls here's hoping we get back out sex drives soon Rose Petal :lol:
corkrebel Posts: 744
Girls, thanks for all the is reassuring to know that I am not the only one feeling this way ....Hubbie is being wonderful but you do feel like you are negleting them ....and in a way, I miss the closeness that doing the deed brings! :oops: saw baby yesterday wonderful....! I am due my scan on June 12th and I think that it will never come ...! Jellybaby are you due a scan around then?
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
iv none at all and im not even preg!!! ha god thats not saying much for h2b is it!!!