Anyone see the maternity dress in Next online? UPDATE

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bluebell07 Posts: 182
Hi, was going to order the black chiffon dress from the Next website.. just wondering if anyone else has seen it or tried it on? Have 3 events coming up in the next 3 months.... Wedding - 28 weeks Wedding - 32 weeks Dinner dance - 36 weeks so am hoping to get one dress that will do all three!!! Any suggestions would be welcome... ... rnity/1/10 :wv :wv
Delish Posts: 4176
I really like this dress, I might buy it as well, I wonder is it in the shops or just on line?? I might go on a shopping spree over the weekend and report back or in the meantime if anyone has it , give us some feedback please :thnk !
grumpy Posts: 1280
That looks very like the one I got in doroty perkins while I was pregnant, except mine had that lace-look rather than chiffon. I loved my dress, felt stunning in it, and got loads of compliments! I think the Next dress is gorgeous too, and will look fab at the weddings and dinner dance - go for it!
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
IT's lovely, had my eye on it as we have a wedding in Dec and i'll need something for xmas parties. There is a different one two in next with a pink ribbon instead of the cream. I also saw a dress on littlewoods' website: ... Id=6538785 I am very tempted to get dress from next also but worried that a few women will have it. I know two other pregnant women are going to be at the wedding we've to go to and with this dress being so reasonable
bluebell07 Posts: 182
2 people I know have gotten that one in Littlewoods and said it is lovely on... I think I will go ahead and order the one in Next but not sure whether to go up a size as by the time I'm 36 weeks I'm sure I'll be huge and might have swollen a bit by then... :-8 :-8
dovedro Posts: 1295
Hi bluebell07 I saw that dress in the next catalog too and was thinking of ordering it as I have a few do's to go to also. I was going to order the one with the pink ribbon but have decided to try and find something in the shops first as I'm not sure of size. Some of the maternity things I buy in next are too big in a size 12 which is what I was pre-pregnancy so wasn't sure to order it in a 10 or a 12. I don't want to have to return something and then wait for a replacment so I think i'll try find something myself. Let me know what it's like if you get it though
shocked22 Posts: 511
I have the Littlewoods dress and wearing it to a wedding next week. I ordered it weeks and weeks ago and it actually looks better on me now than it did when I got it....the bump helps fill it out!!!
charli Posts: 5994
lovely dresses! just a note on sizes - i am a 10 or 12 - just before pg was more a 12 and have bought too fab dresses in maternity section of red herring, i find them kinda big though so just keep that in mind - as in even big on the boobs and im a DD now just to keep in mind when purchasing - im not just talking about bump room but sorta all over, will probs go for 10's from now on or at least ttry on i remember buying M&P cords in first pg, in a 12 and they never fitted me (ended up in charity shop with tags on) even at 39 weeks the bump and bum were still huge :o0
Lady Di Posts: 2487
I haven't seen that dress but it is lovely! I got this dress in Mama's and Papa's last week for a wedding over the weekend, it was really comfortable!
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Thanks meant to say it only cost €70 which is was very surprised at as that shop is SO expensive!!