Anyone seen maternity slips anywhere?

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MissSindyhead Posts: 560
Hi all, I don't normally wear slips (although I'm sure dresses etc would sit better if I did). Anyway, some of my jersey dresses are a bit clingy as I get bigger and I'm a bit self-conscious about it. I could do with a good old fashioned slip to solve this problem for me. Anyone seen maternity slips anywhere? Thanks, MSH
babybambino Posts: 940
I bought one in M&S for under a black jersey dress that was a little see through, they didn't have specific maternity ones so I got one in a size up from normal, I think I tried it on in the fitting room! They had lots of different length ones so I got the shortest one they had and wore it under my bump as far as I remember.
Delphinium Posts: 3027
I like to wear slips just with the cold weather and one of my work dresses is a wrap which tends to flash a bit of leg when I get bigger! I've never seen maternity slips anywhere but as Babybambino said, M&S ones are pretty good. I bought a 2 pack there in my normal size, one black and one nude, for around €27 I think it was, and there is a good bit of give in them. I am still wearing them at nearly 24 weeks and I can see it lasting a good while longer. I got the 23" length I think.
MissSindyhead Posts: 560
Cheers girls. Will take a look. MSH