Anyone spent thanksgiving in New York?

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peacockgirl Posts: 1312
Hi girls, Myself and OH are heading to NYC on the 22nd of this month for 5 nights so we'll be there for thanksgiving. I was just wondering if any wolly had ever been there for this holiday and what you would recommend for us to do that day. Should we try to book a restaurant now? Is it a bit of a rip off/let down day? Any recommendation for restaurants? We plan on going to the Macy's parade but are at a bit of a loss for the rest of the day... Thanks for your help.
Elphaba Posts: 741
The Parade is fantastic, just be aware more places close on Thanksgiving then on Christmas day, we found it very hard to find anywhere other then our hotel to eat that night. Plus the hotel was booked by anyone staying there. Maybe get onto the Hotel and see what they have set up for Thanksgiving? The sales on Black Friday are scary, do not wear a heavy coat as you'll die of the heat in Macys etc... GO to the stores with a plan for what you want and don't forget your macys visitors card, you can get that on the mezzaine level above Mac and opposite Starbucks. I cannot stress enough how busy the shops are on the Friday, I saw grown women fight over the smallest things, if you don't like crowded shops then don't go in that day. Shopping wise I found Woodbury common and Century 21 the best, I was surprised at the discounts in Woodbury, I thought it would be a lot more gimmicky, If you like Columbia clothes, the prices in Woodbury are unreal. American Eagle in W is great too, as are the bags in DKNY. If you go to Woodbury, make sure you get to the Cosmetic Company store, they should have some reduced MAC, it might be a season or two old but it will be at least 50% off.
Cinnabon Posts: 2626
I haven't been to NYC for thanksgiving but where I was living (major city on west coast) everywhere was closed that day - think supermarkets were open for a couple of hours but that was it. The early hours of Friday morning is when the sales start so have fun with those. The americans celebrate thanksgiving like we celebrate xmas.
peacockgirl Posts: 1312
Thanks for the tips girls. We aren't actually staying in a hotel which is why I was wondering about restaurants... We have booked an apartment. We might just cook for ourselves that evening. Just wanted to ask in case someone knew of somewhere cool. I have also seen dinner cruises advertised for thanksgiving. Anyone been on one?
peacockgirl Posts: 1312
Mari yay Posts: 4045
Oh did you book apartment in the end? We will be on HM in NYC for thanksgiving, not sure yet what we will do, maybe just stay in and cook, so hard to decide!
Littlebo Posts: 2598
Lived there and spent many a Thanksgiving there..oh would love to be you now Peacock! Do NOT cook! If you don't want to go to a Restaurant, there will be loads of takeouts. Not like here, they will be proper dining as a lot of New Yorkers never cook and some don't even have a Kitchen. Everything will be open on Thanksgiving but the Macys Parade is a must! Go up to the Rockefellar Centre area and go to the NBC studios where they will be broadcasting live and is so full of excitement. You are also very near Saks and their Windows should be fabulously decorated already. Your are also near Radio city hall and 5th avenue. Go to the parade early and see it all and make your way down to Macys to see the end of it! It will be too crowded there unless you get up really early. Every Restaurant will have a different variation of Thanksgiving and you will see the New Yorkers at their best. I would probably go to a real Italian Restaurant and see how it is done. If I were you, this is the area to go