Anyone successfully stand up for themselves??

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good2go Posts: 564
Just wondering with all the horror stories of B2Bs with interferring rellies,BM's etc, did anyone successfully stand up for themselves at their own wedding in a seemingly impossible situation?
mad woman Posts: 22106
SheriffofArea5 Posts: 83
No. Resistance is futile. Yes, futile.
lollypop Posts: 317
Yep, you have to from the very beginning.
Mammyof2Princesses Posts: 3745
Have stood up to FMIL quite a bit but have noticed that if she really wants her way on something she gets it by guilting H2B into giving her her way, all i say to H2B is give her her way and little apples will grow!!! >:o)
Belleboo Posts: 924
I have on some things and have been 'strategic' about other things in order to make sure our day is the way we want it to be. Sometimes saying as little about the planning and different aspects of the weddings is the simplist way to avoid confrontation - in my experience anyway!!
good2go Posts: 564
ah lads,i was hoping for gory details!
honeyec Posts: 969
Yep, I did - couldn't be bothered relating it all here, the episode in all its glory is here - ... p?t=131900 Read the whole thing, it's rather funny!